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Knock on the Door!

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source youtube
source youtube

I purchased a home close to Andra Pradesh (INDIA) fringe to Tamilnadu outskirt. I astonished my family and we went and made festivals of the principal day in that home. At first night of that home my grandpa stayed and he needed everybody to move to my close relative’s home, since he need to check any spirits is been in that home. He is a rancher and he has much involvement in the otherworldly conviction. So we stayed in my auntie’s home and he stayed in the new home alone at the main night in the home.

Following day morning I asked him that anything you come to know in that home, he said it’s fine to sit tight. So I got alleviation and I conveyed my family to that new home. He told if your child cries call me, and he went to his home. Second day of that night myself, my better half, my infant and my mum and sister stayed in the home. Me, my better half and infant rested in a room and my mother and sister dozed in another room.

At 11. 30 PM my child cried so hard, so he didn’t cried like that some time recently. Me and my better half took his doll and made him fun, yet he didn’t quit crying. My sister came and she took consideration to my child. He quit crying and he was looking toward the side of the room. I was so frightened and I advised her to take infant to Hall, so my child began crying, we don’t know what to do? I was considering my grandpa make safe to my family. I called him he told he is in outbuilding so he will be at next morning.

It’s chance 1.AM. Presently my infant as yet looking corners of corridor. Around then we heard a commotion, it’s unordinary around then. The commotion resemble somebody thumping entryway scarcely. We asked that who will be currently as of now. I opened the entryway yet nobody is there. Be that as it may, the thumping sound proceeded for 60 minutes. We got frightened and it cooled my spine and we asked dua’s, we supplicated. Yet, my child was never quit crying. He is as yet looking the all edges of the lobby. When I saw the corner nothing there.

source youtube
source youtube

After 1.30 my infant quit crying and he dozed, however we are truly terrified on the grounds that we don’t know who thumped the entryway? My sister went to rest in the room. My child and spouse rested at room serenely yet I didn’t dozed. I was supposing why my child was looking the edge of the homes and who thumped the entryway constantly for 60 minutes? After 3 o clock just I rested.

Following day I advised the experience of the previous evening to my grandpa, he advised that he additionally got to entryway thumping sound for 60 minutes. My infant was searching for something. He told placidly “I heard a few spirits are been adjusting around the bend of the home and thumping entryway for 60 minutes. I simply need to twofold check with your infant can discover it. Presently you leave this home with your family.” (Because infant can see the spirits.) I shouted him why he didn’t enlighten to me regarding this occurrence.

So I left that home and bought a new one in another place. Still now I think that Who knock the door?

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