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Kwai Mau Ghost

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source youtube
source youtube

This story occurred a couple of months (July of 1997) prior when I was back in Hong Kong. When I was in Hong Kong, I lived with a relative of mine in a condo complex. We would visit a portion of the locales in Hong Kong and spend loads of cash. We chose to go to one of the visitor destinations that contained a burial ground. We arrived and shockingly there were heaps of individuals there that day.

I strolled around, taking a gander at headstones and pondered about the outlines (a few gravestones where intended for particular reasons, the Chinese are profoundly superstitious about these things). while I was strolling without anyone else’s input, I heard what I believed was my mother calling me. I went to her and inquired as to whether she had called me, her answer confounded me. On the off chance that she hadn’t called me, who did?.

That night I was resolved crash and rest. As I was laying in bed about stop my lights, I heard my name being called once more. I got up and went outside, supposing it was my mom once more. I strolled pass my folks room and crested in, they were sound snoozing. I don’t thought anything a greater amount of it and went to bed.

I spent a decent 2 hours conscious contemplating the voice I listened. At the point when out of the blue, I heard it once more. This time I was truly terrified, and I didn’t answer the voice. It continued calling me and calling me until it simply ceased. The following morning I told my folks and relatives what transpired the earlier night, my uncle took a gander at my shockingly and said “Kwai Mau”.

source youtube
source youtube

My mom use to let me know, “when you hear somebody calling your name, don’t reply back until you know who’s calling you, or you will get together with ‘Kwai Mau'”. Kwai Mau is a legend about a dark feline that comes amid your rest, and incur wounds on you. Infrequently, it will really come and take you away. It is said to be underhanded and will shout to it’s casualties, sitting tight for their reaction. At the point when it’s casualty reacts, the feline takes that as a welcome. Anyway, I believe it’s best that I clarify the starting points of Kwai Mau.

“Kwai Mau” use to be a living individual that was reviled by abhorrence and was bound to wander the earth for endlessness as a dark feline, the main way it can discover rest, is to feast upon people. It can just do as such, in the event that it was welcomed when it gets out it’s casualties”. The individual who was reviled or the detestable nearness was not distinguished in the story, obviously, we as a whole expected it was just a story.

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