Lands Drowned In The Ocean

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Lohachara Island

One of the more as of late lowered islands on the rundown, Lohachara was at long last lost in 2006—the principal possessed island to be lowered because of environmental change. Situated in India’s Sundarbans, where the waterways Brahmaputra and Ganges void their substance into the Bay of Bengal, the island was once possessed by upwards of 10,000 individuals.

photo via wikipedia
1954 map showing Lohachara Char (Hindi for Island) in Hoogly River.

As it bit by bit sunk into the ocean, the majority of the occupants fled to the neighboring Sagar Island, which is presently additionally progressively being lost to the sea.The island’s subsidence crushed many ruined inhabitants. One neighborhood depicted how she left to see family, restoring the following day to find that her homestead had recently fell into the stream.

She attempted to bounce into the quick moving water to safeguard her sheep yet was halted by her neighbors. Her family was before long compelled to move to another island, where “we don’t have any farming area and need to function as workers. My child has grown up and now he chips away at a boat.”


Mauritia was really its very own small landmass. Around a quarter the size of Madagascar, Mauritia is by and by underneath the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. Breakaway pieces of the microcontinent have additionally been found as distant as the Seychelles. Mauritia was found after researchers on Mauritius ran over gems called zircons, which are impervious to disintegration and synthetic compounds.

photo via wikipedia
Mauritia flexuosa

Plainly the zircons weren’t from Mauritius itself, since the island was framed by magma streams from the sea bed, which would not normally produce zircons. Furthermore, testing uncovered that the precious stones were around two billion years of age, making them a lot more established than any close by landmass.

It is currently accepted that the volcanic ejections that shaped the island likewise constrained the zircons to the surface, giving proof of the antiquated landmass lying below.We now realize that Mauritius, Madagascar, and India used to frame a supercontinent called Rodinia. India in the long run split away and floated off, leaving Mauritia and Madagascar. In the long run, Madagascar additionally isolated, leaving Mauritia to gradually lower.

Verdronken Land Van Reimerswaal

Verdronken land van Reimerswaal, “the suffocated place where there is Reimerswaal,” is such survives from a clamoring town in the Netherlands. In its prime, Reimerswaal was a significant port city, developing rich on the exchange mussels and shellfish.

photo via wikipedia
Selected part of the map “Zelandicarum Insularum Exactissima Et Nova Descriptio, Auctore D. Iacobo A Daventria” showing the drowned land of Reimerswaal

The principal indication of difficulty was the overwhelming St. Felix Flood of November 1530, which brought seawater racing through numerous lanes. In November 1532, a subsequent tempest cut Reimerswaal off from the neighboring town of South Beveland. This newly discovered segregation made the town’s economy decrease and its inhabitants started to migrate to higher ground.In 1551, another tempest decimated the floodbanks worked to secure the town, totally lowering a few close by towns.

The last floodbank was broken by one more flood in 1555, permitting the ocean surge in. Much more floods followed. Before the finish of the seventeenth century, just a couple of remnants survived from the town. By the eighteenth century, the town was totally submerged.

Lion City

China’s Shicheng, “the Lion City,” has been named the Atlantis of the East. In any case, in contrast to Atlantis, Shicheng is totally genuine—and incredibly delightful.

Situated in Zhejiang Province, the city was over 1,300 years of age when it was purposely overflowed in 1959 during the development of the Xin’an River Hydropower Station. More than 300,000 occupants must be moved from the city, which is by and by under Lake Qiandio.

The Lion City has been named a “time capsule” by archaeologists, since the waters have entirely saved a significant number of its old structures, just as stone carvings from the Qing and Ming administrations. Five doors lead into the Lion City, rather than the four regular of other Chinese urban communities; the dividers themselves go back to the sixteenth century.

New Moore/South Talpatti

Called New Moore Island in India and South Talpatti Island in Bangladesh, this small stone in the Bay of Bengal immediately turned into a bone of conflict after it surfaced following the Bhola Cyclone of 1971.

Situated close to the mouth of the Hariabhanga River, which isolates Bangladesh and India, the new landmass was asserted by both countries.With neither one of the countries ready to surrender the conceivably oil-rich island, a discretionary column before long broke out. Indian Coast Guard vessels as often as possible visited to plant their banner on the island, with the Bangladeshis as a rule evacuating it when they left.

In the end, India’s Border Security Force were really conveyed to the island.So it presumably came as something of an amazement to the two nations when the island they were battling about sank again in 2010.

The Kerguelen Plateau

Today, the Kerguelen is one of the world’s biggest volcanic levels, found submerged along the Antarctic Polar Front. Be that as it may, much the same as Mauritia, it was at one time a little mainland, around multiple times the size of Japan.

The Kerguelen really surfaced on three separate events through the span of 80 million years, staying above ocean level for around 40 million years altogether before lowering once and for all around 20 million years ago.Humans found the Kerguelen in 1772, when the French pioneer Yves Joseph de Kerguelen-Tremarac discovered it while scanning for “Land Australis,” a semi-legendary landmass accepted important to adjust the landmass overwhelming Northern Hemisphere.

Kerguelen-Tremarac demanded illuminating the French lord that he had found another landmass—and was speedily tossed into jail following a pricey second endeavor affirmed that the level was totally submerged.

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