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Late Night Shadow

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source youtube

Author: Unknown

This all occurred in 1974, when I was 14. My family and I lived in a regular farm home basic in the Phoenix territory in the 60’s and 70’s, and my folks had gotten it as another track home quite a long while prior. My father was in the Air Force and positioned in Thailand at the time, so it was only my mother, my sibling and me.

My mother had a propensity for leaving the kitchen light on during the evening; I figure for reasons unknown it made her vibe more secure, despite the fact that I thought we lived in a really safe neighborhood. I got a kick out of the chance to keep my entryway open during the evening since I felt excessively claustrophobic when it was shut. My room was toward the end if the corridor, my sibling’s room was beside mine, and my mother and father’s room straight over the lobby from my entryway.

On this specific night I woke up all of a sudden and the primary thing I recall was taking a gander at my wake up timer beside my bed, which said 1:20am. The following thing I recall is looking towards my entryway and into the faintly lit corridor past. There was a shadow on the corridor divider as a human figure, and I know I was not envisioning. This thing really moved. Not just would I be able to see it move, I could hear the strides on the cover as it gradually strolled towards my entryway. I was petrified and truly couldn’t move. I was excessively perplexed, making it impossible to shout or make any sort of clamor.

It was at that exact minute that I realized what it implied when one’s blood ran cool. I just knew somebody had broken into the house and had no clue what to do, so I simply laid there startled as I watched this shadow cast onto the divider by some obscure interloper sitting tight for him to at long last show up before my entryway.

source youtube
source youtube

Well I held up. Furthermore, held up. The shadow quit progressing and sort of blurred or simply mixed in with alternate shadows. I don’t mean anything else happened. I was still frightened to death yet after around 15 minutes I got the valor to hop out of my quaint little inn over the lobby into my mother’s room and woke her up to advise her what I saw. In her half snoozing state she forgot about it as me having a bad dream and let me lay down with her whatever is left of the night. I at long last fell into a depleted rest until morning, and when I researched discovered every one of the entryways and windows secure. I never discussed it much, and thought possibly it truly was my creative energy, yet right up ’til today recall that it in detail like it happened yesterday.

That is not the finish end of the story. A few months after the fact my father had come back from his abroad outing and used to stay up truly late on his days off on the grounds that he worked swing shifts. Frequently he would nod off on the love seat before the TV. This was the time before link and we had all of 5 stations to watch, and none of them remained focused night, so after Sign Off there would be only static on the TV.

So again late one night possibly a year or so later I woke up and could hear somebody strolling around and saw a man’s shadow moving about. I wasn’t frightened this time since I knew it was likely my father getting up from the lounge chair to go to bed, however following a couple of minutes didn’t see him stroll by the way to go into the room. Interest showed signs of improvement of me so I got up. There was my father wheezing endlessly on the love seat with the TV showing its late-night static interface. My father was laying there as though he had not moved for quite a long time, not to mention 5 minutes back.

That is the point at which it hit me that possibly it had not been my father I had seen a heard moving around in the family room. I beginning getting that same frightened feeling once more, however whatever I could do was retreat to overnight boardinghouse to let myself know there was some consistent clarification for what I had seen and listened.

I don’t know whether there is an intelligent clarification or not, but rather we moved to another home not long after. I’ve not had that sort of experience since. I’ve had a couple other bizarre encounters which I will discuss later, however this was unquestionably the most frighting for me.

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