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Leelavati – Vikram Betaal Story

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source youtube

Once there lived a Brahmin in Varanasi. He had a little girl, Leelavati. The Brahmin was excessively poor. Leelavati was raised. She was to be hitched. The Brahmin had no cash. It was an issue for him.

One day Leelavati was resting in her room, it was midnight. A young went into her room. He was a looter. However, what work he has in poor Brahmins house? He had gone to the town to burglarize the property of the devilish dealer. He was pursued by the workers of the ruler. With a specific end goal to escape from them he went into Leelavati’s home. Leelavati woke up and asked his identity. He portrayed his story. At that point the hirelings came there looking for the cheat. In any case, Leelavati let them know that no body has come here in this odd hour. The hirelings were defenseless and they cleared out.

Following day Leelavati adored the young and wedded him. The criminal gave over all he had victimized to the Brahmin.

Couple of months passed. Leelavati got to be pregnant. Her better half had been to another town looking for work. He had not turned u p even after months. When he attempted to victimize in the royal residence and was gotten. He was sentenced to death. Before he was rebuffed he passed on. The data achieved Leelavati. Her dad offered her to another Brahmin and marriage was performed. In couple of months Leelavati conveyed a male youngster.

Leelavati’s child was raised. He was looking wonderful and canny. Leelavati kicked the bucket when her child was ten years of age. When he was youth his dad additionally kicked the bucket. He proceeded with business for his employment.

Consistently to play out his dad’s function he chose ot go to Gaya and offer rice ball ceremonially. When he had gone to Gaya. While he was putting forth the rice ball in the waterway there seemed three hands. “To me, to me’ the voice likewise listened. Two hands were of men and one was that of a lady. Leelavati’s child was astonished. He touched the lady’s hand and asked her identity. So he offered one rice ball to the hand.

The second hand said that he is his dad. The hand was that of the looter. The third hand additionally said that he is his dad. Leelavati’s child was surprised. In what capacity can a child have two fathers? Again there was a voice from the waterway. The second hand portrayed the story. The third hand said that he raised Leelavati’s child. One individual conceived an offspring and the other raised, in this manner Leelavati’s child thought. Presently he was in disarray as to whom the rice ball ought to be advertised.

Betaal asked Vikram: “Vikram! I know your ability to reply. Presently instruct me to whom Leelavati’s child ought to offer the rice ball. On the off chance that you don’t answer recall the revile”

“Betaal, one who raises a tyke has the privilege to wind up a father. The thief was the reason for his introduction to the world. Be that as it may, Leelavati’s second spouse treated the kid his child and brought him up. Along these lines the rice ball must be offered to the third hand”

Vikram replied. Betaal rehashed his activity.

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