Megalodon: A Prehistoric Shark

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“We generally talk about traditions or recorded saints. We barely talk about the spots, landmarks or creatures that are ancient.” Complained John to his companion Sir Mark.

Sir Mark said “Okay, reasonable enough! We will discuss an ancient creature today. One that is lesser known and wiped out. I am going to tell about the Megalodon.”

photo via wikipedia
The depiction of a shark’s head by 
Nicolas Steno in his work The Head of a Shark Dissected

Sir Mark balanced his glasses and sat easily beside John. He proceeded “In antiquated Greek language Megalodon signifies ‘huge tooth’. It is a terminated types of shark that lived 1.5 million years back. The size of the Megalodon was enormous to such an extent that the cutting edge white shark would resemble an infant in contrast with it. It is accepted to be 50 feet in length, that is around a 5 story building. The name enormous tooth was authored on the grounds that its teeth are 7 inches in length and it used to gauge a gigantic 70 tons. In correlation a white shark’s teeth are just 3 inches in length and the main ocean creature to exceed the Megalodon is the blue whale. It was considered presumably the greatest and fiercest predators ever.”

“The Megalodon could open its jaws so wide that an individual as tall as 6 feet could walk effectively all through it. As indicated by a study in the year 2008, the chomp of the Megalodon is viewed as the most dominant of the considerable number of creatures that have ever lived. In the event that you thought the chomp of a shark is incredible, a Megalodon’s nibble is multiple times all the more dominant. At the point when a white shark nibbles it applies a weight of 1.8 tons, though the chomp of a Megalodon produced a weight of 11 to 18 tones on its injured individual. That measure of weight could pound the hardest of skull like a grape. It assaulted the balances first with the goal that its prey couldn’t escape effectively.”

A black megalodon tooth and two white great white shark teeth above a centimeter scale, the megalodon tooth extends between the zero and thirteen-and-a-half centimeter marks. One great white tooth extends between the eleven and thirteen centimeter marks, and the other extends between from the thirteen and sixteen centimeter marks.
photo via wikipedia
Megalodon tooth with two great white shark teeth

“As the biggest creature of the ocean, a Megalodon could pretty much eat any creature in the ocean. Its eating routine for the most part comprised of the whale among other ocean creatures. Proof of its reproducing has been discovered nearer to the hotter spots like the beach front locales. In any case, not at all like any ocean creature the Megalodon fossil has been discovered everywhere throughout the world. Concentrates have been conceivable as sharks shed their teeth regularly and teeth of Megalodon have been found in all pieces of the world. The primary locating of the equivalent was in the seventeenth century where the size of the monstrous teeth intrigued individuals to ponder the animal over some undefined time frame.”

“So how does a creature so huge and savage get wiped out?” asked John

“There is no solid answer yet. Researchers have put a long time in contemplating this creature and the purposes for its eradication. Most perspectives point with the impact of worldwide cooling and by the vanishing of its primary eating regimen, the monster whales. There was likewise rivalry from the genealogical executioner whales that lead to its decay. A few people accept that the Megalodon still sneaks in the profundity of the seas. Anyway there is no proof to help this.”

A skeletal reconstruction of megalodon. Visible are the jaws with two rows of teeth, eye sockets, a pointed snout, several long, straight spines protruding outwards in the gill area behind the head, and a long horizontal item representing the vertebral column
photo via wikipedia
Reconstructed megalodon skeleton on display at the Calvert Marine Museum

“Wow that was an incredible story. I couldn’t want anything more than to hear progressively about such animals.” John said

“Absolutely and the opportunity will come” Sir Mark finished up.

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