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Money vs Family

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source kids.dadabhagwan.org
source kids.dadabhagwan.org

Rama’s family is huge. Rama is a diligent employee and he is the sole provider of the crew. He has three children, two children and a little girl. He lives alongside father and mother. Rama used to work too difficult to nourish his crew.

He lives up to expectations for over 16 hours a day. The children can’t see him as he will leave home at a young hour in the morning before they wake-up and achieve home around midnight when children would rest consistently. The whole family energetically hold up to invest quality energy with him and the children miss him to such an extent.

The kids were excessively inquisitive about Sundays as his dad would go through the whole day with them. Tragically, to meet the expanding family unit costs and instructive costs, Rama took a weekend employment to work even on Sundays. The children were extremely smashed and even Rama’s wife and folks as well!

The run of the mill routine proceeded for a few weeks and year passed. All the diligent work of Rama earned a great deal of advantages and he was offered advancement with alluring addition.

The family moved to another house, showed signs of improvement garments and ate solid nourishments. In any case, of course, Rama keeps on winning more cash. One day his wife asked him ‘why are you running for cash? We can be content with what we have now.’

Rama answered, ‘I need to give the best accessible on the planet to every one of you and need you to stay upbeat dependably.’

Two years passed and Rama scarcely invested energy with his gang. The kids longed to have their dad at home. In the interim, the earnest endeavors of Rama harvested him a fortune. He was offered organization and offer in benefits. He kept on acquiring more riches. Presently, Rama’s family is one of the wealthiest families in the city. They have every one of the offices and extravagances. Still, Rama’s youngsters endeavored to meet their dad as he was scarcely seen at home.

His kids turned youngsters and they are no more children. Presently, Rama sufficiently earned riches to give a lavish life to his next five eras.

Rama’s family went to their shoreline house to spend their excursion. His little girl asked, ‘Father will you please burn through one day at home and stay with us here?’

Rama answered, ‘Yes sweetheart, tomorrow without a doubt, I will go along with you for the lunch and be with all of you for next couple of days. I’m sick of work and need refreshment!’

The whole family turned out to be extremely glad.

Lamentably, the following day, none in Rama’s family were alive as they were washed out in Tsunami! Rama was excessively occupied notwithstanding, making it impossible to hear the news about Tsunami. When he attempted to achieve his shoreline house, he saw ocean and water all around and shouted for his family, He couldn’t even locate the dead assortments of his gang.

He can never have them again, can’t even see them and even by paying millions he can’t get them back to life!

He recalled his wife’s words, ‘Why are you running for cash? We can be content with what we have now.’

Money can’t purchase everything!

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