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More Amazing Facts about Uzbekistan

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Historical and Cultural Facts about Uzbekistan

  • The Uzbekistan land was once part of the antiquated Persian Empire and was later vanquished by Alexander the Great in the fourth century B.C. Amid the eighth century, the itinerant Turkic tribes living there were changed over to Islam by attacking Arab powers who commanded the zone.
  • The Mongols under Ghengis Khan assumed control over the locale from the Seljuk Turks in the thirteenth century, and it later turned out to be a piece of Tamerlane the Great’s realm and that of his successors until the sixteenth century. The Uzbeks attacked the domain in the mid sixteenth century and converged with alternate occupants in the range. Their domain separated into particular Uzbek realms, the khanates of Khiva, Bukhara, and Kokand. These city-states opposed Russian venture into the region yet were vanquished by the Russian strengths in the mid-nineteenth century.

  • The domain was made into the Uzbek Republic in 1924 and turned into the free Uzbekistan Soviet Socialist Republic in 1925. Under Soviet govern, Uzbekistan focused on developing cotton with the assistance of water system, motorization, and compound manures and pesticides, causing genuine natural harm.
  • In June 1990, Uzbekistan was the principal focal Asian republic to proclaim that its own particular laws had power over those of the focal Soviet government. Uzbekistan turned out to be completely autonomous and joined with ten other previous Soviet republics on Dec. 21, 1991, in the Commonwealth of Independent States.
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  • Vozrozhdeniye, an island in the Aral Sea, was a mystery test site for organic weapons amid the Soviet time. In 1988, the Soviets endeavored to cover the confirmation on the island, a startling heritage that Uzbekistan acquired upon autonomy. U.S. researchers have affirmed that the island contains live Bacillus anthracis and other lethal toxic substances.
  • Seniors are regarded in Uzbek culture. At the dusterhon, more youthful visitors won’t make themselves more agreeable than their older folks. The more youthful individual ought to dependably welcome the more seasoned first.
  • Uzbekistan is a male-ruled society, especially in the Ferghana Valley. All things considered, ladies make up about a large portion of the workforce. They hold just shy of 10 percent of parliamentary seats, and 18 percent of authoritative and administration positions, as per U.N. figures.
  • Uzbeks are Sunni Muslims. The region of Uzbekistan has been a focal point of Islam in the area for a thousand years, yet under the Soviet Union the religion was vigorously controlled: mosques were shut and Muslim training was restricted. Starting in 1988, Uzbeks have restored Islam, especially in the Ferghana Valley, where mosques have been redesigned. The call to petition was wherever heard five times each day prior to the administration requested the evacuation of the mosques’ amplifiers in 1998.
  • Uzbeks normally visit companions and relatives on siestas to eat extensive dinners and drink a lot of vodka. Occasions additionally might be set apart by shows or parades focused on city or town squares or industrial facilities.
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  • The domain of Uzbekistan has a long custom of journalists, however not all were Uzbek. The fifteenth-century writer Alisher Navoi, 1441–1501, is most loved; among his works is a treatise looking at the Persian and Turkish dialects. Abu Rayhan al-Biruni, 973–1048, conceived in Karakalpakistan, composed an enormous investigation of India. Ibn Sina, otherwise called Avicenna, 980–1037, composed The Cannon of Medicine. Omar Khayyam, 1048–1131, came to Samarkand to seek after science and cosmology. Babur, 1483–1530, conceived in the Ferghana Valley, was the principal Moghul pioneer of India, and composed a celebrated personal history.
  • Uzbek music is portrayed by reedy, frequenting instruments and throaty, nasal singing. It is played on since a long time ago necked lutes called dotars, woodwinds, tambourines, and little drums. It created in the course of the last a few hundred years in the khanates on the domain of current Uzbekistan, where performers were a focal element of celebrations and weddings. The most exceptionally respected sytheses are cycles called maqoms.


Interesting Facts about Uzbekistan

  • Uzbekistan is circumscribed by five nations: Kazakhstan and the Aral Sea toward the north; Tajikistan toward the southeast; Kyrgyzstan toward the upper east; Afghanistan toward the south; and Turkmenistan toward the southwest.
  • Uzbekistan’s economy depends principally on item generation, including cotton, gold, uranium, and gaseous petrol. In spite of the pronounced goal of move to a market economy, its administration keeps on keeping up financial controls which discourage outside venture and imports for residential ‘import substitution’
  • The nation gets nonstop media consideration and highlight because of the biological calamity in the Aral Sea caused by a national water system framework.
  • It is the 56th biggest nation on the planet by territory and the 42nd by populace.
  • Uzbekistan is a dry, landlocked nation. It is one of two doubly landlocked nations on the planet (that is, a nation totally encompassed via landlocked nations), the other being Liechtenstein.
  • Because of its area inside a progression of endorheic bowls, none of its waterways prompt the ocean. Under 10% of its domain is seriously developed flooded land in waterway valleys and desert springs. The rest is tremendous abandon (Kyzyl Kum) and mountains.
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  • The most noteworthy point in Uzbekistan is the Khazret Sultan, at 4,643 meters (15,233 ft) above ocean level, in the southern piece of the Gissar Range in Surkhandarya Province.
  • Saligokh Street, referred to locally as ‘Broadway’, has some road specialists and painters, who show their unique works of art. There are many strip malls, design shops, boutiques, eateries, and bistros are situated close by the Broadway in Tashkent. Here you may likewise get some carefully assembled creates and bric-a-bracs.
  • Situated in the north of Tashkent, near the Tashkent TV Towers, Aqua Park is the biggest swimming zone in Tashkent. Water Park is a water stop for the entire family to appreciate, where youthful and old, will spend an exceptional day’s visit to our stop. Water Park Includes an eatery and coffe shop.
  • Japanese Garden in Tashkent is a little stop in the focal point of the city with a nature of far off island nations, where the profound respect of the delights of nature is one of the fundamental parts of life. Here, common excellence is skilfully stressed by the masterful expressive methods for Japanese scene workmanship.
  • Being one of the greenest stops in Tashkent, Gafur Gulyam Park covers 23 sections of land. Assortment of attractions to suit all tastes makes the recreation center a most loved spot for inhabitants of any age. he huge lake in the focal point of the recreation center with a little green island gives guests a gentle smaller scale atmosphere and makes a charming living bit of natural life.
  • Tashkent’s Alisher Navoi National Park is one of the best city stops in the nation. Covering an expansive stop, a huge lake, channels and wellsprings, a knoll and fancy blossom gardens, there’s a decent shot you’ll overlook you are ideal in the focal point of Tashkent. National Park in Tashkent has something for everybody.
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Fun Facts about Uzbekistan

  • The Uzbek ace gourmet specialist can cook in only one kettle enough plov to serve a thousand men.
  • In Uzbekistan, handshakes are just adequate on the off chance that it is between two men.
  • The best approach to welcome a Uzbek lady is by bowing to her with your correct hand set over your heart.
  • It is Uzbek custom that the most regarded visitor be situated most distant from the house’s passageway.
  • The Uzbeks trust that flipping around bread will bring you awful fortune.
  • As indicated by an antiquated custom, an individual from the family who is set to go on an excursion needs to take a nibble from a little bit of Uzbek bread. The rest of the bread is then kept covered or covered up until the voyager gets back home.
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  • Dr Pavel (insane researcher) in the Dark Knight Rises, was clearly from Uzbekistan. Extremely entertaining, mr. Nolan!
  • Tashkent is one of only a handful couple of urban communities on the planet where you can see the starry night sky and it’s conceivable on account of low gas content
  • Uzbekistan’s Muruntan gold mine is one of the biggest open pit gold mines on the planet.
  • Individuals are homophobic.
  • Uzbekistan don’t have doughnuts, they have Ukrainian Bubliks, Russian Pryaniks and Turkish Baklavas (they call it Pakhlava).
  • The nation have the world’s best mellons!

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