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Movie Sequels That Got Cancelled – II

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Sex & The City 3

The Movie: Though 2010’s Sex and the City 2 wasn’t a stonking film industry accomplishment on the level of the primary film, despite everything it tripled its $95 million spending plan, accomplishing all that could possibly be needed business to keep up enthusiasm for a third film.

By toward the end of last year, a content for SATC 3 had been studio-endorsed with the principle cast all secured to show up, however just that was ever uncovered.

Why It Got Canceled: Last month, Sarah Jessica Parker affirmed, “It’s finished, we’re not doing it”, while different reports guaranteed that Kim Cattrall’s unreasonable requests (apparently money related) kept the film from pushing forward. Cattrall denied the reports, however expressed that she never needed a third film to proceed.

Considering how completely vomited the 146-minute second motion picture was, and how much fire it got for being egregiously supremacist, it’s sheltered to state that many fans speedily lost enthusiasm for another go-around at any rate.


The Divergent Series: Ascendant

The Movie: As such a large number of youthful grown-up film adjustments watch out for nowadays, the last book in the Divergent arrangement was to be part into two motion pictures, Allegiant and Ascendant, the last of which was expected to be discharged in 2017.

Why It Got Canceled: After Allegiant netted over $100 million not as much as both of its antecedents, plans for Ascendant were rapidly put on hold.

Word spread that the undertaking would be made as a TV film rather, which caused various cast individuals, including lead Shailene Woodley, to haul out, viably murdering it dead.

At exhibit, a TV arrangement in view of this universe is being developed, yet the motion picture arrangement flew out of presence without anything moving toward a determination, which sucks for the fans, as ghastly as these films were.

At any rate it implies Shailene Woodley got a succulent part in Big Little Lies rather, so everything worked out for her at last.


The Amazing Spider-Man 3

The Movie: In an exemplary demonstration of hubris, Sony reported that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 was slated for a June 10, 2016 discharge very nearly a year prior to the past motion picture was even discharged.

Chief Marc Webb as of late guaranteed that had the motion picture been made, it would’ve seen Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) turn into the Green Goblin and set-up a Sinister Six film with him driving the super-villain super-group.

Why It Got Canceled: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 scoring blended audits and the most noticeably bad film industry take of any Spidey motion picture to date adequately murdered the third film, and this was authoritatively affirmed when Sony and Marvel Studios at last settled on the web-slinger joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in mid 2015.

Considering how the MCU Spider-Man is apparently the best ever screen cycle of the character, thank the motion picture divine beings for that one.


E.T. II: Nocturnal Fears

The Movie: Shortly after Steven Spielberg’s exemplary E.T. hit silver screens, he and screenwriter Melissa Mathison composed a treatment for the continuation, E.T. II: Nocturnal Fears.

The follow-up was to highlight Elliott and his companions being grabbed by insidious additional terrestrials, and their endeavors to connect with the first E.T. for offer assistance. In the wake of being tormented for a large portion of the second demonstration, the children are in the long run spared by their wrinkly-necked buddy, obviously.

Why It Got Canceled: Spielberg put it best himself when he chose not to seek after the motion picture, guaranteeing the arranged continuation “would do only ransack the first of its virginity”.

Despite the fact that there were surely courses for a moment E.T. motion picture to work, the first is so darling by such a large number of individuals that it’d require a significantly more tightly content than…this.

On the off chance that there’s anything an E.T. continuation needn’t bother with, it’s shrewd outsiders tormenting youngsters and the much-cherished title character just appearing in the third demonstration. Jeez.


Batman Unchained

The Movie: During creation of 1997’s Batman and Robin, Warner Bros. administrators were sufficiently awed with the crude dailies to greenlight a third Batman motion picture under Joel Schumacher’s steerage, entitled Batman Unchained.

The film would’ve had George Clooney, Chris O’Donnell, and Alicia Silverstone repeating their parts, while Scarecrow would show up as the essential miscreant, utilizing a dread poison to restore The Joker as a mind flight, with Warner Bros. wanting to bait Jack Nicholson back for the part.

Additionally, Harley Quinn was to have a little supporting part as The Joker’s girl, peculiarly.

Why It Got Canceled: Batman and Robin was a film industry disillusionment thus excitedly torn separated by faultfinders that a spin-off was esteemed untenable, particularly as a humiliated George Clooney declined to return.

Everything worked out toward the end, obviously, for while Batman and Robin murdered the Caped Crusader’s realistic residency for very nearly 10 years, it prompted the radical Christopher Nolan reboot Batman Begins, and the two remarkable continuations that took after.


It’s A Wonderful Life: The Rest Of The Story

The Movie: In 2013, right around 70 years after the first arrival of Frank Capra’s vibe great exemplary, a continuation of It’s A Wonderful Life was proposed, which would take after George Bailey’s girl Zuzu (Karolyn Grimes, repeating her part), who might show up as a heavenly attendant to show Bailey’s insidious grandson what the world would resemble on the off chance that he never existed.

Why It Got Canceled: Though initially intended to be shot in 2014 on a $25-35 million spending plan, Paramount, who possess the rights to the first film, ventured in and guaranteed that the spin-off’s makers had not acquired the rights to make the film, and they wouldn’t give consent for it to be made.

It’s implied that a gigantic shot was avoided here. No one needs a spin-off of It’s a Wonderful Life, and it most likely would’ve been a sluggish retread passing by the declared preface.

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