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Mulla Nasruddin Stories

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The Relatives of A Donkey

One day Nasruddin Hodjaa stacked an overwhelming sack of vegetables on his Donkey and set out for the market to offer them. In the wake of strolling a little separation, the Donkey halted and declined to move an inch from his place. Nasruddin Hodjaa was in a rush; at first he urged the Donkey to begin however when he didn’t react to his influential words, he began beating it.

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Before long, many individuals accumulated around them. One man asked Hodjaa, “Why are you beating this poor creature?” Another man stated, “You are a barbarous man who is beating an astounded creature.” The third man stated, “You should be captured and flagellated for beating this poor animal.”

Hodjaa was angered on hearing the general population’s constant remarks and he said to the Donkey, “In the event that I realized that you had such a variety of relatives around, I would have never beaten you. I can see that you have an expansive family here.”

Hearing this, the general population timidly went their direction, leaving Hodjaa with his Donkey.


Milk for the Maula

One day Mulla Nasruddin was going some place when he met a man who was conveying an expansive drain can. The man wished Mulla Nasruddin and stated, “Mullaaji, I have an issue. Would you be sufficiently benevolent to give me an answer?” Mullaa Nasruddin enthusiastically assented to listen to him as he was peering toward his huge holder of drain.

The man stated, “At whatever point I get up in the morning, I feel inebriated. My head turns around and I feel as though I have a headache. I don’t comprehend what could be the issue.”

Mullaa Nasruddin asked, “Gee! This is a major issue, without a doubt! Give me a chance to think. What do you for the most part eat or drink before you go to rest?”

The man stated, “I drink a major glass of drain.”

The Mullaa stated, “Now, I have discovered your issue! The drain that you savor the night causes the inebriation.”

The naïve man asked, “How is that, Mullaaji?”

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Mullaa disclosed to him, “You drink drain before dozing. In your rest, when you hurl in your bed, the drain gets agitated. It transforms into margarine. At the point when spread gets beat, it transforms into fat. Fat gets beat, it transforms into sugar. At that point the sugar gets beat and transforms into liquor. Along these lines, at last you wake up with liquor in your stomach in the morning, and that is the reason you feel inebriated.”

“So what do I do?” asked the man in straightforwardness.

The sharp Mullaa stated, “The arrangement of your issue is exceptionally basic. Try not to drink drain! Here, offer it to me.” Mullaa took away the drain can from the man and left there.

The poor man remained there confused.

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