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Mythical Places

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El Dorado

source youtube
source youtube

This South American legend is perhaps the most well known city of gold, on account of the Disney adjustment of the story, and the fizzled British cleanser musical show that utilized its name. But at the same time its the most confused myth, as El Dorado was never a spot, however an individual.

It was obviously the name given to the leaders of Muisca society, who might cover themselves in gold each morning, and bathe in a sacrosanct lake to wash it off once more (the Muisca individuals saw gold as profoundly important as opposed to really significant). At the same time, when this legend came to the ears of covetous Spanish conquistadors, all they noted was the plenitude of gold… and the story developed so it was a whole city made of gold as opposed to a person.

The Muisca individuals did have amazingly complex bits of gold craftsmanship, so bandits would not be frustrated, but rather there was never a city called El Dorado that fitted the legend.

photo via pinterest
photo via pinterest


The name Shangri-La itself is a genuinely present day development, beginning in a 1933 novel called “Lost Horizon” by James Hilton. It recounts an enchanted valley some place in Tibet, in the shadow of a tall mountain, where cutting edge ways are rejected and the Earth is delighted in all its regular immaculateness.

It is additionally the spot where all the astuteness of the world is kept. Anyway, this thought did not begin in 1933 – as indicated by records from a 16th century Monghul court, the Emperor there recounted a magical kingdom where all religions started and where groups of Christians lived.

This was gone on to a Portuguese preacher named Antonio Andrade, who went looking for this kingdom, discovered Tibet however did not discover the Christians. Be that as it may, the thought enlivened Hilton’s novel, as did a comparative thought in Buddhism where the valley is known as Shambala. It’s an engaging thought, however more likely than not a work of fiction.


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This next spot originates from Norse mythology and is an island that was said to be in the middle of Scandinavia and Iceland, around 6 days’ north of Great Britain. As you can envision, it was genuinely chilly and they had months without daylight because of the compelling north scope, but then Thule has still tackled the appearance of an ideal spot, with a Greek pundit of the 4th century depicting it along these lines: “the individuals (of Thule) live on millet and different herbs, and on foods grown from the ground; and where there are grain and nectar, the individuals get their drink, likewise, from them”.

This place where there is foods grown from the ground in the solidified Arctic has kept on captivating individuals, with some giving hours of time to pinpointing precisely where Thule is. Others reject it as simply an old name for Norway. Be that as it may, who knows? The blue-painted individuals of Thule could be out on their island cultivating their organic product at this time… .and we simply haven’t discovered them yet.

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia


Anyway, overlook the nectar of Thule for a moment… in the event that you need a legendary area that is truly going to joy your inward gourmet, head for Cockaigne – the place where there is bounty where nourishment never runs short. There are houses finished with pie, and cheddar trees for all to devour.

The thought originates from medieval mythology – in an Europe that had been cleared by war, maladie and neediness, the thought of an area where you could lie back and let a whole meal fowl fly into your mouth was helpful. It presumably starts from Islamic mythology initially, as the Muslim thought of Heaven from the Qur’an is sumptuous and contains a lot of sustenance, including “the substance of fowls that they covet.” So it might be to a lesser degree a legendary area and to a greater extent a last destination… for some.

photo via weetoo


Similar to the El Dorado legend, but a few thousand miles further north, this was a legendary province that was said to contain seven cities of gold. It was around 1540 that Spanish explorers in New Mexico heard of the legend, and set out to find it. Sadly, all they found was some copper and iron. The exact location of Quivira has never been established, with several states claiming it, including Kansas. But that only fuels the legend, and Quivira has appeared in many works of literature and the name has been used for a vineyard, among other things.

photo via wikipedia


A kind of inverse to Shangri-La (a work of fiction in light of years of mythology), Utopia was initially a work of fiction, however years of mythology have developed around it. It initially showed up as an island in Thomas More’s 1516 novel “Perfect world” and was a basic culture that spun around horticulture and resilience.

The thought grabbed hold and has showed up in a few distinct appearances since – from the constrained utopic social orders of “Valiant New World” and “1984″ to untouched rain-forest civic establishments in movies like “Symbol”. Perfect world is intended to be a flawless spot, however even in Thomas More’s unique, there were components that vibe uncomfortable to our present day minds (subjugation, absence of protection, wives admitting their wrongdoings to their spouses) and each utopic culture from that point forward has either had a shrouded dull side (e.g. individuals being euthanized at 30 in “Logan’s Run”) or has been inconceivably exhausting. Goes to demonstrate there’s no such thing as a flawless society!

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia


This is a fabulous city with a distinction – its at the Earth’s center. Gossipy tidbits have proliferated all through history of civilizations beneath our feet, however science would say that the layers of liquid shake presumably aren’t exceptionally helpful for charming living. That doesn’t stop scheme scholars attempting to discover the passageway to the underground city of Agartha, which they think may be in Antarctica.

The primary known utilization of the name “Agartha” was by 19th Century French soothsayer Alexandre Saint-Yves, however his record of a Tibetan mystery society sounds more like Shambala/Shangri-La than a concealed city underneath the ground. A more probable wellspring of the myth is from the Buddhist Agharti, which is an underground kingdom. It’s all really improbable, however that doesn’t stop individuals searching for it!

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia


Next, the fanciful country of the Aztec individuals, thought to be found some place around current Mexico. The Aztecs should have originated from the Chicomoztoc (place where there is seven holes) and settled in Aztlan, however after that there is some debate on what Aztlan was similar to. A few records paint it as a sort of heaven, while others portray the individuals as being threatened by the decision tip top there.

In present day times, the name has been received by a radical hispanic gathering known as MECha, who accept that Aztlan secured a percentage of the conditions of the USA too (California, Colorado and 7 others). MECha likewise accepts that these states legitimately have a place with Mexico and they ought to be taken back. On the off chance that they ever do get them back, they may well think that its not exactly the heaven they envisioned, as the Aztecs did before them.

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia


The unromantic nation of England doesn’t have numerous legendary spots – Milton Keynes and Birmingham are barely on the same plane of imagination as Patagonia and Tibet. Be that as it may, there were legends, back before there even was an England to talk about, and a significant number of them concern King Arthur. Likewise with a significant part of the history in this rundown, there is open deliberation about whether Arthur was genuine or simply a legend, yet his court of Camelot keeps on captivating researchers. On the off chance that there was a Camelot, where was it? In the event that there wasn’t, what was it in view of? There have been a lot of contenders for the title of “genuine Camelot”, including Glastonbury, Winchester and much Colchester. Be that as it may, the sentiment of the city is in the story, instead of truth and the taking off towers and strongholds of Camelot exist predominantly in the creative energy.

photos via wikia


Also, the most obvious space goes to the most looked for after legendary civilization of all… .Atlantis! Initially depicted by Plato, Atlantis is a depressed landmass, lost when the waters ascended around it. It was said to be an awesome seat of learning and society and an adversary to Athens. The area of Atlantis has never been completely decided, however thoughts that it was in the Atlantic (to match its name) have been altogether exposed. As of late, one researcher cases to have found it under the South China Sea yet the hypothesis hasn’t been checked by whatever other Atlantis “specialists”. Wherever it will be, its unrealistic to be populated by a race of super-clever fish individuals, as the prominent creative ability has it. Anyhow, there may simply be demolishes of an old culture some place underneath the waters. Of course, it may all simply be a myth…

photo via nbcnews

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