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Myths about the Lost Worlds

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source youtube
source youtube

The sixteenth century Spanish conquistadores looked the North Americas for the fabulous seven Cities of Cibola – famous for their riches and splendor. Cibola was potentially identified with Aztlan, the place where there is seven holes from which the Aztecs purportedly emigrated to Mexico. Antonio de Mendoza, Viceroy of New Spain, sent the primary endeavor to locate these lost urban communities in 1539, after a specific monk guaranteed to have witnessed them on the horizon.

In 1540, a second expeditionary power was sent, under the summon of Francisco de Coronado. Experiencing the Hopi individuals, the Spaniards were informed that the tribe had for quite a long time been anticipating the arrival of the White Brother, Pahana. The gathering of Spaniards investigated similarly as Texas, yet couldn’t discover any of the legendary, brilliant urban areas. This legend is practically identical to the one of El Dorado.



photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

The home of Sir Tristan, one of King Arthur’s famous round table knights, Lyonesse is a nation in Arthurian legend said to be found near Cornwall – in spite of the fact that its accurate area has never been indicated. It is said to have sunk underneath the ocean, much the same as the city of Ys as per Celtic stories. Master Tennyson portrayed Lyonesse as the site of Arthur’s last fight, in which he was mortally injured.

As the legend of Lyonesse’s sinking seems both in Cornish and Breton mythology, it has been recommended that the story speaks to a remarkable case of society memory and the convention of oral history; it is imagined that the story may have its inceptions in the verifiable flooding of the Isles of Sicily and Mount’s Bay, close Penzance.

Today, Lyonesse is solidly attached to Cornwall’s conventions, so connecting it to the Isles of Scilly appears the most sensible stride. Around the territory, one can at present locate the fossilized remains an antiquated timberland, where beech trees as yet bearing nuts can likewise be found.


El Dorado

source youtube
source youtube

At the point when the Spanish attacked Mexico in the sixteenth century, they heard talk of a marvelous city cleared with gold, ruled over by a cleric lord called El-Dorado, or the Gilded King, whose body was said to be secured with powdered gold. Francisco Pizarro attacked Peru, and broadly overpowered the Inca human progress with a progression of killings, misdirections, and dishonesties. He found some gold at last, yet it did him no great – he was killed in 1541.

Despite the fact that there are a few realities supporting this legend, no real evidence exists of “the” El Dorado, and in later years it subsided into legendary custom as a spot in the Americas where a city of gold lay. Hundreds of years after the fact, the New World was all the while being pillaged, and its occupants killed, as the Europeans proceeded with their quest for the mythical city. Indeed, even today, numerous still trust that the city exists, holding up to be found by the right swashbuckler at the ideal time.



Maybe the most popular lost city on this rundown, we as a whole know of Atlantis’ end 10,000 years prior, crushed in one night by tremors and a surge. A few specialists assert that Atlantis truly existed – that the domain grasped parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Others immovably trust the Atlantean survivors were in charge of the development of Stonehenge and the pyramids.

As indicated by Plato, Atlantis was ruled by ten rulers; the illustrious castle had hot and icy running water; and the biggest sanctuary on the focal island was devoted to Poseidon and Cleito. Most adherents guarantee that confirmation lies in the island Antilia, which can be seen on fifteenth century Portuguese outlines – as far as anyone knows the genuine Atlantis that vanished underneath the ocean.

Others trust that Plato mythologized what was really a genuine occasion: that the authentic ejection of Thera, which annihilated the Minoan society of Crete, is the real premise for the Atlantis myth. Since every specialist solidly clutches their own particular hypothesis, everything we can would like to do is study the material on the subject, and arrive at our own particular decisions about this arresting theme – until Atlantis itself is found.



photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

Lemuria, or Mu, is a landmass said to have been gulped by the ocean, and to now lie under the Indian or Pacific Ocean. The well known Theosophist Madame Blavatsky guaranteed that the Lemurians were gorilla like mammoths that had the endowment of clairvoyance. In a book called “The Lost Continent of Mu”, one essayist guaranteed that all of humanity has its causes in Mu, which once stretched out from Hawaii to Easter Island and Fiji.

Evidently, it was totally demolished 12,000 years back by a colossal seismic tremor, and sank into the ocean. Today, the Stelle bunch in the USA cases to be dropped from the Lemurians. As indicated by this gathering, the Lemurians got away from earth taking after the disaster, and they have since been managing the predeterminations of picked gatherings, for example, themselves.



source youtube
source youtube

Legends let us know that Agharti is an underground world, connected to the four corners of the earth through a complicated passage system. Depicting an area possessed by peace-cherishing and tender individuals, who attempt to mitigate the extravagance of the general population living over the ground, the myth has all the earmarks of being exceptionally old. Plato talked about wide and tight passages situated underneath the earth, represented by a glorious ruler who sits at the world’s inside.

A couple of hundred years after the fact, Pliny said individuals who fled underground after Atlantis was destroyed. Some obscure traditionalists still claim that Agharti truly exists. As indicated by these devotees, the Atlanteans fled to Asia, where they burrowed under the Himalayas, sitting tight persistently for the day when they may at the end of the day develop to manage the world.


Cantre’r Gwaelod

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

Cantre’r Gwaelod – the Welsh Atlantis – is an unbelievable old depressed kingdom said to have been situated in the region between Ramsey Island and Bardsley Island, toward the west of Wales. This kingdom highlights in old stories, writing, and tune, and is accepted to lie underneath the waters of Cardigan Bay.

The most prevalent misconception expresses that the area was strengthened against the ocean by a dyke. A ruler called Seithenyn, portrayed as an alcoholic and a womanizer, was accountable for the dyke, and because of his carelessness the ocean cleared through the entryways and destroyed the area. Despite the fact that there is no solid physical proof that Cantre’r Gwaelod lies under the inlet, there have been a few reported sightings of indented human homes, stone dividers and highways.

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