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Obscure Anomalies

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The Chickcharney Mystery

source youtube
source youtube

On the island of Andros in the Bahamas, portrayals of a recondite animal known as the “chickcharney” have gotten to be installed in neighborhood society. Portrayed as around one meter tall, the peculiar flightless fowl like animal is depicted in noteworthy records, furthermore in cutting edge sightings around the island.

Presumed to have red eyes and to be fit for turning its head in any course, the substance appears to verge on impossibility. In any case ornithologists have distinguished an unusual, terminated types of titan flightless outbuilding owl, whose proceeded with presence would clarify legends of a substantial savage winged animal strolling around the island during the evening.

The owl is thought to be terminated, yet the proceeding with sightings propose that the unusual and great animal may at present stalk the back country of Andros, holding up to be rediscovered as more than the unimportant stuff of society stories.

The Kaz II Ghost Yacht

source youtube
source youtube

The Mary Celeste has increased a to some degree shocking reputation tailing its disclosure, obviously having been surrendered by its team, with no one staying on board. This apparition vessel wonder appears to rehash itself, astoundingly, in the present day instance of the Kaz II. In April 2007, the Kaz II was going with its three-man group along the northwest Australian coast, when air reconnaissance perceived it floating strangely.

After sheets, no hint of the group individuals could be found. Nonetheless, no indication of inconvenience was found either. A Portable computer as yet running, and the motor was on. Consuming utensils were laid out on the table, while life coats stayed in their cases.

The strange and exasperating riddle of the Kaz II basically stays unsolved. As indicated by Jon Hall of the Queensland Emergency Management Office, “What they found was a touch interesting in that everything was ordinary; there was simply no indication of the crew.”The state coroner in the long run decided that “the siblings fell over the edge while going to mechanical issues on the other hand, the decision is still just hypothesis.”

Cryptid Marine Mammals

source youtube
source youtube

Reports of since a long time ago necked, plesiosaur-like creatures have multiplied around the world, frequently including free reports with an astounding level of consistency. The conceivable clarification is abnormal and chilling—yet logically grounded. As per cryptozoologist Bernard Heuvelmans, numerous serpent sightings in history really adjust to the vicinity of secretive, since quite a while ago necked pinnipeds, measuring up to fifty feet long.

As dolphins have supplanted ichthyosaurs, joined advancement would consider a pinniped to tackle the type of the wiped out plesiosaurs, however abstain from being influenced by chilly waters. The southern elephant seal is at present the world’s biggest flesh eater at a length of twenty-two feet, loaning validity to such speculations. Likewise adding weight to reports of goliath, since quite a while ago necked seals, is the real presence of the appropriately named Weddell since quite a while ago necked seal, which has a to a degree serpentine neck. Obviously, the riddle of cryptid pinnipeds warrants some consideration.

Spontaneous Human Combustion

source youtube
source youtube

Unconstrained human ignition positions close to the highest point of the most odd and alarming puzzling occasions. While records of SHC have a tendency to be authentic, proof propose that the wonder has been seen to happen lately. In February 2013, for case, compelling voices in Muldrow, Oklahoma, were astounded to locate the burned assortment of sixty-five-year-old Danny Vanzandt—apparently smoldered alive in his almost undamaged home.

The Sheriff had the capacity discover that injustice was not at fault, but rather declined to discount unconstrained human ignition. Coroners found that the body appeared to have blazed at a low temperature for over six hours. The victimized person was an overwhelming consumer, which some theorize might truly fuel such scenes of ignition. The human body produces methane-related mixes amid digestion system, which some accept could fuel a flame when joined with liquor.


source youtube
source youtube

While the past entrance managed an occasion that some may credit to outsiders, other Australian perils may start from a primitive source. Since the landing of right on time pioneers, Aboriginal Australians—a hefty portion of whom have a very nearly intuitive learning of the outback—have cautioned of the presence of monster, primitive chimp like animals known as Yowies.

Their depictions are frightfully like the “Yeti” records of North American local tribes, furthermore the famous Yeti of the Himalayan foothills. The animals are said to be noxious and slippery, which coordinates different reports around the world. Traveler Tony Healy notes in his book “In Search of Australia’s Bigfoot” that the sightings might truth be told be genuine, and speak to a piece of a worldwide event of the as far as anyone knows wiped out Gigantopethacus chimp whose presence would likewise clarify the Yeti and Bigfoot secrets.

Australian UFO Aberrations

source youtube
source youtube

“Outsider Abductions” have gotten to be decently broadly reported, to the point that most analysts have become to a degree tired of the subject. Be that as it may, a few records are considerably more hard to carelessness than others.In 1993, Kelly Cahill and her spouse were driving during the evening in Victoria, Australia, when a peculiar structure showed up before them, evidently during the time spent stealing something.

The tenants of a second auto behind the Cahills likewise watched the marvel. At the point when the Cahills followed this second gathering down, they found themselves able to affirm the way that they excessively had seen the occasion. Spooky.

Ancient European DNA

source youtube
source youtube

European society is amazingly assorted; unique traditions and people groups live there side-by-side in generally little however unmistakably characterized districts. One would envision that the improvement of Europe comprised of verifiably reasonable moves however as per exploration at the Australian Center for Ancient DNA, hereditary markers in skeletons examined for DNA propose a sudden, extraordinary change around 4,500 years prior. As per paleo-anthropologist Dr. Alan Cooper, “Something major happened, and the chase is currently on to figure out what that was.”

The obscure occasion or disaster may never be resolved, yet its conceivable that an obscure sickness, or else a recondite clash or assention between antiquated tribes, may hold the way to Europe’s bizarre past.

Hatley Castle Haunting

source youtube
source youtube

Hatley Castle was based on Vancouver Island, off Canada’s West Coast, by the Scottish Coal Baron Robert Dunsmuir. He was a well known however questionable figure in his day, known for his quick gave way to deal with choices concerning the utilization of area. The stronghold, which now structures some piece of the grounds of Royal Roads University, has started to fall prey to a progression of unexplained occasions, which send chills down the spine of the individuals who wander excessively close.

Startled spectators have reported seeing a white figure floating around the windows, and they’ve additionally made reference to listening to the conflict of pots and skillet. It is supposed that the house keeper of Robert Dunsmuir—dismisses by her sweetheart jumped from the window and passed on.

SPIRITS, a philanthropy committed to researching the paranormal, claims that one of its staff individuals really saw a female figure dressed in white sneaking past the château halls. Lamentably, couple of sources have less believability in such cases than a philanthropy devoted to examining the paranormal.

Dragon’s Cave Anomaly

source youtube
source youtube

There are the standard cryptid puzzles that we all wish to determine, yet the ramifications of some of these are disturbing to the point that we may rather not know the genuine answer. In an obscure year—however likely sooner or later in the mid 1900s—area surveyors dropped rope down a collapse Boone County, Arkansas.

After the rope had slipped two hundred feet into the hollow pipes, a horrible murmuring and thundering sound was listened, proposing that a peculiar and tremendous monster had been irritated. Some accept that the thundering fit in with a hole staying cryptid, or an obviously wiped out or somewhere in the vicinity far-undiscovered species.

The definite site of the frightful report has not been found, but rather the wayfarers of a second Arkansas cavern heard an instance of a landowner who had clearly run crazy with dread in the wake of entering a comparable underground framework and experiencing something.

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