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Paltan: Movie Review

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Directed by – J.P. Dutta

Produced by – Zee Studios, J P Films

Starring – Jackie Shroff, Arjun Rampal, Sonu Sood, Gurmeet Choudhary, Harshvardhan Rane, Siddhanth Kapoor, Luv Sinha, Esha Gupta, Sonal Chauhan, Dipika Kakar, Monica Gill, Bijou Thaangjam


JP Dutta is a name synonymous with war films as the movie producer has produced two or three them like ‘Border’, ‘LOC: Kargil’ previously. However, what happens when the man himself appears to have lost his magic and accompanies a tedious watch like Paltan? The outcome is grievous! Enlivened by evident occasions, JP Dutta’s most recent trip depends on the Nathu La military conflicts amongst India and China along the Sikkim borderin 1967.

Paltan opens in the year 1962 where the Chinese assault the Indian warriors at the Namka Chu lake in Arunachal Pradesh and upwards of 1383 lives are lost. The scene at that point movements to 1967 where we get the opportunity to observe the stewing strain amongst India and China at the Naathu La fringe in Sikkim. The film portrays the narrative of how our Indian powers battled an exceptional fight to avert a Chinese invasion. In the meantime, we additionally get the chance to see a couple of strokes of their own lives through couple of flashbacks.

While weaving a story around an overlooked history looks intriguing on paper, JP Dutta flops pitiably with regards to interpreting his vision on the wide screen as ‘Paltan’. The film looks without a story. Rather, you have an inclination that you have sitting tight in the silver screen corridor for a long time for something to come to pass on screen. The screenplay is flimsy and lines like, ‘the more you sweat in peace, the less you seep in war’ are passed off as discoursed. Oh no, sorry to learn made you extremely upset into two!


Talking about the exhibitions, Arjun Rampal as Lt Col. Rai Singh and Sonu Sood as Major Bishen Singh stand out, yet barely pack a punch. Harshvardhan Rane demonstrates a flicker of expectation in couple of scenes, yet oh dear, that is brief. On the hand, Gurmeet Chaudhary’s OTT demonstration drives you up the wall following couple of minutes. Luv Sinha is frightfully squandered while Siddhant Kapoor gets nothing more to do aside from interpret Chinese exchanges for the men. Jackie Shroff flies up all over in couple of scenes just to influence you to understand that he’s additionally a piece of the flick.

JP Dutta’s Paltan winds up as his very own poor cousin past film ‘Border’ with its slender plot and beneath normal exhibitions. At a point in the film, Sonu Sood tells an individual officer, “Hamari Paltan ko..Bhagwan ne shayad issi kam ke liy bheja hai.” Unfortunately, JP Dutta’s warriors flop pitiably in their main goal of giving us a passionate charge.

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