Pihu: Movie Review

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Director: Kapri Vinod

Stars: Pihu Myra Vishwakarma, Prerna Vishwakarma


A lady is seen lying oblivious on the bed. In the mean time, a two-year old baby, Pihu (Myra Vishwakarma) trusts that her mummy is resting and endeavors to run about with her every day schedule. She attempts to wake her up, switches on the microwave when the food cravings strike and even gets herself caught in the cooler. In the midst of this, you wind up holding your breath, each time little Pihu has a brush with threat.

Vinod Kapri’s most recent trip Pihu portrays the story of a two-year old baby who is left to battle herself in repulsive conditions. Neglecting to comprehend the circumstance, the youngster does things which conflicts with her and gives the gathering of people a lot of heart-in-the-mouth minutes. Viewing a little child ascend a gallery railing will leave anybody in a cool perspiration. Furthermore, Pihu gives you numerous such heart-pounding minutes.

The circumstances in the film are each parent’s most exceedingly bad dreams. Be that as it may, praise to Vinod Kapri for extricating such a superlative execution for a kid and that is the place the magnificence of Pihu lies in. On the other side, the film has nothing more to offer past what we have as of now in the trailer, excepting a couple of nail-gnawing successions obviously. Observing each scene unfurl in such moderate edges probably won’t be’s some tea. Fortunately, where the story bumbles and gets dull, it’s little Pihu’s guiltlessness which spares the show.

That conveys us to the star of the film, Myra Vishwakarma who exceeds expectations as meager Pihu. She leads over the edges ideal from the principal shot till the last and conveys an execution which waits for long. Ideal from her giggle, cry or just jabbering, she has your eyes stuck to the screen. Vinod Kapri has adequately put the terrifying minutes to move you once more into portrayal at whatever point dreariness leaks in. Through Pihu, the chief attempts to give a closer knowledge about atomic ways of life and the contention in urban connections. Lamentably, there is too little meat to bite upon here. His unobtrusive strokes scarcely drives the message home despite the fact that its a very much made film.

The encircling of the scenes is able and the altering functions admirably. The foundation score too runs well with the subject. Pihu has the right to be observed only for Myra Vishwakarma’s hail commendable execution that coordinates the brightness of a prepared performer.

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