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Pitch Perfect 3: Movie Review

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“Pitch Perfect 3” starts with the Bellas doing their mark move and-congruity bit on board a super yacht to Britney Spears’ “Dangerous” (which I’ll most likely cleanse from my mind any day now). Kendrick’s Beca drives the gathering out onto the deck, Rebel Wilson’s Fat Amy rushes in with a fire quencher and the women all jump into the water without a moment to spare as the pontoon detonates behind them.

At that point the film flashes back three weeks to get us up to that point. The majority of the Bellas are out of school now—aside from Hailee Steinfeld’s scarcely there Emily—and attempting to discover their voice in reality. Beca has recently left her place of employment as a music maker. Her roomie, Amy, never truly has a vocation. What’s more, the ever-enthusiastic Chloe (Brittany Snow, diversion as usual) has her heart set on going to veterinary school. Whatever is left of the women are for the most part an idea in retrospect, each getting a line or two to refresh their status.

A challenge to join a USO visit and perform in Spain, Italy and France gives only the invention to rejoin the Bellas for one final hurrah and drag out their shirking of adulthood.

What’s more, that is essentially it concerning the wobbliness of the storyline that connections one melody to another. The numbers are enthusiastic as usual, however with an equivalence of vitality and movement that inevitably influences them to feel monotonous and desensitizing.

It wouldn’t be a “Pitch Perfect” motion picture without Banks and John Michael Higgins repeating their parts as the reporter team filling in as our latent forceful Greek tune. This time, they embed themselves into the activity as a blundering narrative group chasing after the Bellas on their visit. I’d preferably watch their messy film and smart exchange than this gathered swan tune.

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