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Powerful Prayers

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Kim and Ray were close friendlies. They were neighbors, concentrated on together, finished their graduation and cooperated. They wanted to appreciate an excursion and took an ocean voyage to investigate better places. Shockingly, their boat destroyed amidst the sea. While the vast majority of the explorers were not able to secure their life, just Kim and Ray, why should capable swim, could spare their life by coming to a disconnected island.

They were extremely glad and expressed gratitude toward god for sparing them. In any case, the island resembled a forsook island with scarcely any trees, and poor environment that no living creature could survive. They have no alternative other than petitioning god to spare their lives.
Kim and Ray earnestly petitioned god. Nothing happened even after a few days. They chose to part their routes into inverse finishes of the island and tested themselves about whose supplication to God would be effective.

Both separated their area in the left island and offered their petitions to God to god.

Kim implored god that he would require sustenance to survive. Shockingly, he got a heap of sustenance, foods grown from the ground on the ocean shore.

Following two days, he asked for a lovely young lady as his wife, as he was feeling desolate in the island. In a couple of hours, a boat destroyed again in the island close to Kim’s district, where just a lovely young lady was alive! He wedded the young lady.

After a couple of days, he asked for more nourishment and haven. All requests to God of Kim were tended to by God.

It was just about a month after the boat wreck and Kim chose to move back to the place where he grew up. He implored god to send him a boat to take him home. Shockingly, a boat came and took Kim and his wife.

Just before the boat was going to move, a voice showed up!

‘It is safe to say that you are going alone, leaving your friendly of life here?’

Kim was amazed, ‘Might I know who is this and whom you are alluding to? I have my wife with me!’

The voice said, ‘I’m the one whom you offered your requests to God!, whom you asked for to spare your life, whom you asked for nourishment and cover and obviously, a wife!’

Kim joyfully remained on his knees and said, ‘Thank you god!’

At that point god said, ‘Yet why do you leave your partner here?’

Kim was confounded once more!

At that point god included, ‘Don’t get so energized my child. Your requests to God are not addressed and satisfied by me. I was just satisfying Ray’s supplications to God. He asked one and only thing to me! He said ‘Please satisfy all the petitions to God of Kim and it is my just supplication to God to you.’

Kim was in tears and hurried to the opposite side of the island. He understood that he didn’t even consider his closest companion Ray and was joyfully appreciating existence with all delights.

He couldn’t discover Ray there and asked god ‘Where he was?’

God answered, ‘I brought him with me, the man with the brilliant heart ought to be with me! In any case, I will satisfy every one of your requests to God as I guaranteed him to do as such!’

Kim was totally broken and understood that his companion’s supplications to God were all the more effective.

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