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Prime Number

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Prime Number – Facts and Examples

A prime number is an entire number more noteworthy than 1; yet it very well may be partitioned uniquely by 1 and the number itself.

photo via wikipedia

For instance:

Let us take the number 6.

The number 6 can be separated equally by 2 or 3.

2×3= 6

Let us take another number, say 5.

The number 5 can’t be separated equally.

1×5= 5

In this way, a prime number is a number which:

  • Is more noteworthy than 1.
  • Can’t be separated equally.
  • The main two variables of the number are 1 and the number itself.
  • The numbers which are not prime numbers are called composite numbers.

Would you be able to isolate 8 apples equitably among 4 kids?

4×2= 8; every kid gets 2 apples.

4 and 8 are composite numbers.

Would you be able to share 7 apples equally among 4 kids?

No, on the grounds that 7 is a prime number.

Steps to demonstrate whether a number is a prime number or not

Take a stab at separating the number by 2. Check whether you get an entire number. In the event that you do, it can’t be a prime number.

Take a stab at isolating the number by prime numbers like 3,5,7,11. On the off chance that it is distinguishable by prime numbers, at that point it’s anything but a prime number.

The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus
photo via wikipedia
The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus

For instance:

  • 9 is distinguishable by 3 however not detachable by 2; in this manner 9 is definitely not a prime number.
  • 15 is distinguishable by 3 and 5 however not detachable by 2; in this manner 15 is definitely not a prime number.

Cool math for kids

  • Number 1 is neither prime nor composite.
  • The biggest prime number known has 13 million digits!
  • Type the prime number 379009 on a mini-computer and read it topsy turvy. It will peruse as Google!
  • There are an interminable number of prime numbers.

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