Princess Chandralekha

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King Vikram was given the obligation of conveying Betal to a tantric. Betal generally signifies ‘fiendish soul’. Each time Vikram endeavored to catch Betal, it revealed to him a story that finished with an enigma. On the off chance that Vikram couldn’t address the inquiry effectively, Betal consented to stay in bondage. Be that as it may, if the king knew the appropriate response and still stayed silent, his head would blast into a thousand pieces. Furthermore, if King Vikram spoke, Betal would escape and come back to his tree.

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Betal started another story, as he was being conveyed after King Vikramaditya’s shoulders.

Quite a while back, there was a lovely and keen princess named Chandralekha. Numerous suitors came to offer recommendations of marriage to her. She generally declined, saying, “My significant other ought to be solid, gutsy and skilled.”

At some point, a sovereign named Virendra came to propose to Chandralekha. He stated, “I can tell the fortune of individuals and have never been refuted.”

Chandralekha offered him a chamber in the royal residence to remain in while she settled on her choice.

The following day, Prince Udaivir arrived, needing to have her turn in marriage. “I have a chariot which can keep running ashore just as in the sky,” said the sovereign, planning to inspire her.

He also was offered a chamber in the castle to pause.

The third day, Prince Dhananjay came to request Chandralekha’s turn in marriage. He bragged, “I am an unparalleled warrior. Nobody can obliterate me!”

Chandralekha requested that he pause while she picked between the three.

The following morning, Chandralekha’s mom was sickened to discover her little girl was absent. Frightened for her prosperity, she called upon the threekings to help discover the princess.

Sovereign Virendra shut his eyes for a minute and afterward stated, “As a spiritualist, I can see that the princess has been captured by a monster who needs to wed her.”

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Next, Prince Udaivir stated, “My chariot is the quickest, we can hurry to spare the princess!” With that, the three sovereigns, rode off in the chariot.

After achieving the monster’s refuge, Prince Dhananjay took out his sword, battled the mammoth dauntlessly and won.

Chandralekha was returned securely to her mom and the kingdom found a sense of contentment.

“So disclose to me King Vikramaditya,” said Betal. “Who should the princess pick as her husband to be?”

King Vikramaditya thought and after that stated, “Sovereign Dhananjay has the right to be the man of the hour. Despite the fact that Prince Virendra predicted where the princess would be and Prince Udaivir utilized his chariot to take them there, Prince Dhananjay vanquished the monster. Without his quality, the mammoth would have eaten them all!”

Betal took a gander at the king and stated, “Right you are, my lord. In any case, you have opened your mouth to talk thus I should take off, back to my tree!” With that, Betal was pursued yet again by King Vikramaditya.

The Patachitra and the Batik fine arts have inpired the style of fine art found in the Vikram Betal arrangement of recordings.

Patachitra is a conventional type of material based painting found in the conditions of Odisha and West Bengal. The subjects investigated are old stories and customary stories, which are painted utilizing normally made hues.

Batik is a conventional type of workmanship in India which includes the utilization of wax on texture. By and by, there is nobody network which makes materials and work of art utilizing Batik and its compass has spread over India. Generally painted on textures like cotton and silk, the structure has extended to an assortment of materials.

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