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What is radium?

Radium is a radioactive component with the concoction image ‘Ra’. It transmits radioactive light beams which cause it to shine in obscurity. In normal conditions, radium is a shiny metal. At the point when presented to air, it responds to nitrogen and rapidly shapes a dark covering.

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Who found radium?

Marie Curie and Pierre Curie found radium as radium chloride. Afterward, it was confined in its metallic state through the electrolysis of radium chloride, by Marie Curie and André-Louis Debierne.

When was radium found?

It was found in 1898 and separated in its metallic state in 1911.

How did Curie find radium?

Marie and Pierre Curie found radium while working with tests of uraninite (pitchblende). In the wake of extricating uranium from uraninite, they found it was as yet radioactive. This proposed it contained another component other than uranium which was additionally radioactive. Further investigations prompted the revelation of radium. The Curies declared their revelation to the French Academy of Sciences on the 26th of December, 1898.

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Pierre, Irène, Marie Curie

In September of 1911, Marie Curie and André-Louis Debierne declared that they were fruitful in separating an example of radium in its metallic state.

What are the employments of radium?

Radium was at first used to make paints which would shine. These paints were utilized on tickers, watches and instruments that individuals could find in obscurity. Anyway today, the component has no major mechanical uses as radium is exceedingly radioactive and hazardous.

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