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Raid: Movie Review

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It is 1981. A legitimate, careful IT officer Ameya Patnaik (Ajay Devgn) gets exchanged to Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Such are his standards that he ‘drinks just what he can manage’ notwithstanding when welcomed to parties and is a strict devotee of guidelines. At a certain point yo see him telling somebody, “Sarkari naukar ke liye tohfa rishwat hoti hai.” His better half Malini (Ileana D’Cruz) is an exemplification of a devoted spouse and his mainstay of quality.

One day, Ameya thumps the entryway of political pioneer Rameshwar Singh otherwise known as Tauji (Saurabh Shukla’s) palatial manor to direct an IT assault in the wake of getting a mysterious tip about his unlawful resources. At the point when Tauji criticizes and tosses him a test that he will never discover single penny amid the pursuit activity, he cooly gives it back, “Fundamental sirf sasural se hello there shaadi grain commotion khali haath lauta tha … varna jiske ghar subah pahuncha hoon kuch na kuch nikaal kar hello there laya hoon.”

Before long Ameya finds that Tauji’s ‘White House’ is actually based on 420 crores of dark cash as gold bread rolls and money notes fly out from dividers and other impossible sources. What takes after next is a conflict of goals and self images with jokes that abandon you hooting and cheering. Mounting genuine stories on celluloid isn’t a simple assignment. Be that as it may, Raj Kumar Gupta convincingly throws together an offering that is difficult to oppose and keeps you contributed till the latest possible time. Ritesh Shah’s fresh written work is the foundation of Raid. His discoursed pack a strong punch and add fascinating layers to the plot. The scenes of verbal duel amongst Ajay and Saurabh provoke your enthusiasm as you attempt to translate the character’s best course of action.

Ajay Devgn plays Ameya Patnaik with extraordinary conviction. He’s not a superhuman who utilizes his muscle in the clash of good versus malicious. Rather, his character is quiet, formed and somebody who picks mind over strength. Ajay acquires the force with his agonizing eyes and profound baritone which the film requests and convincingly pulls off those intense exchanges. Each reprobate is a legend is his own psyche and Saurabh Shukla’s Tauji is the same. The skilled performing artist gets his own idiosyncrasies to his part and ensures that he is a strong enemy to Ajay’s chivalrous demonstration. Ileana D’Cruz looks replescent in her bindis and sarees and offers an amiable science with Ajay. Tragically, her character needs meat and neglects to get your attention. Rather her scenes with Ajay vigorously plunged in syrupy sentiment just goes astray you from the primary plot.

More or less, Raid makes for a convincing watch in spite of a couple of hiccups. There’s a scene in the film which has a discourse that goes like, “Ameya Patnaik na kabhi khaali haath aate hain, aur na kabhi khaali haath jaate hain.” Staying consistent with this words, Ajay Devgn carries with him a film that is very important in the present circumstances and gives us enough motivations to state a major ‘No’ to dark cash.

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