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Ram Krishna – Vikram Betaal Story

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Long prior there lived two siblings in an island. They were very clever. One was Rama and other Krishna. Wherever they go they were going together. When they went to a major town on business. They buckled down and earned more cash. While returning they took shield under the shade of a tree in a woodland. They ate well. At that point they began tallying cash they earned. There came a young ladies sobbing. Rama approached her the purpose behind crying.

“Few days back couple of criminals grabbed our cash and killed my better half. From that point onwards I am meandering alone in the backwoods. I don’t know where to go and whom I ought to request shield” the ladies said.

Rama and Krishna were troubled. They concluded that one of them ought to wed the dowager and asked her sentiment. She excessively concurred. Be that as it may, who ought to wed her? It was issue. The siblings cherished each other. There was no envy between them. Finally they composed their names on two little papers. They requested that the woman lift one collapsed paper on which Rama’s name was composed.

So Rama wedded her. Following couple of years the lady brought forth a male youngster. At his tenth year Rama kicked the bucket. Krishna sobbed. The lady requested portion of the property. In any case, Rama had assumed no part in the business exercises of Krishna. So Krishna declined to give the share. The lady get to be furious and gave a grievance to the lord. The ruler gave his choice. Betaal now asked Vikram in the wake of portraying the story to think about what was the ruler’s choice.

“Betaal, this is a simple issue. Rama’s significant other has full ideal to ask partake in Krishna’s property. Since she wedded Rama after Krishna concurred: she was made accessible to Rama when both the siblings were accomplices. Along these lines she has a place with both. Normally she ought to get a share. The lord likewise may have given a similar decision” Vikaram answered.

Betaal sticks to the old tree.

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