Romeo Akbar Walter: Movie Review

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Directed by – Robbie Grewal
Produced by – Viacom18 Motion Pictures, Dheeraj Wadhawan, Ajay Kapoor, Vanessa Valia, Gary Grewal
Starring – John Abraham, Mouni Roy, Jackie Shroff, Sikandar Kher, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, Bikramjeet Kanwarpal, Geetika Vidya Ohlyan, Tushar Tyagi

Romeo Akbar Walter starts with a nearby shot of a bloodied and gravely wounded John Abraham breathing intensely. Murmuring a famous nursery rhyme, his culprit strolls towards him and culls off his nail rather brutally. John’s shout is sufficient to give you a few chills. Be that as it may, our bliss is fleeting, as gradually the pressure in the plot vaporizes. Executive Robbie Grewal attempts to include some pointless ‘tadka’ of sentiment to his account which doesn’t help either.

It is 1971. There’s pressure heightening among India and Pakistan regarding East Pakistan (presently Bangladesh). Romeo Ali (John Abraham), a bank employee who is additionally a theater devotee, gets the attention of RAW Chief Srikant Rai (Jackie Shroff) who chooses to send him as a covert operator in Pakistan under a phony personality Akbar Malik. Akbar needs to separate data from Pakistan to defeat the nation’s arrangements of bombarding an Indian base in East Pakistan. Things go as arranged until Akbar’s spread is passed over by an ISI operator Khudabaksh Khan (Sikander Kher).

While the plot has enough fixings to develop a fascinating watch, Robbie Grewal who has additionally written the film, resorts to a lethargic narrating in the principal half. He presents an excessive number of characters which results in disorder and doesn’t give you enough minutes to breath. The enthusiastic bends also look constrained. Anyway post interim, the rush grabs and the turns and turns do figure out how to hold your consideration.

Talking about the performances, John Abraham conveys a sincere demonstration and the film significantly lays on his tough shoulders. Mouni Roy doesn’t get enough extension to perform. Jackie Shroff acquires some swag. Sikander Kher is watchable however he slips off his Pakistani pronunciation at spots.

Unfortunately, Robbie Grewal packs in a lot of them without giving us adequate time to associate with the characters and feel their feelings.

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