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Room No 204

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By: Annonymous

In 2009 Jan, after my MBA, I came to Chennai for employment. Individuals, who are from Chennai would know Triplicane. It has numerous manors/visitor houses. I participated in one manor, as my companion recommended.

The director instructed me to remain in 208, as of late a man looked at from the room. The rooms are typically shared by two. I had a flat mate, he is from Harayana.

Days passed by, one day the flat mate needs to go to Harayana for some dire individual work, he cleared out. I was separated from everyone else. Because of work, I was exceptionally drained and dozed ahead of schedule at 8 PM. Our room has a tube light and a Fan, it doesn’t have a bed light.

At around 2 AM, there was a sound in my room, I thought it was quite recently my creative energy. Again there was a sound, gradually opened my eyes. As it was totally dull, I made a decent attempt to see, then I utilized my versatile light to see. There was nothing down. I turned off the light and pretty much to lie back, something touched my hand, I felt truly terrified, it was a leg and I heard a sound as something which is hanging and moving. I rapidly got my portable light and looked, I saw a couple of legs, as though somebody hanged himself. I got down from my overnight boardinghouse on the light, there was nobody. I felt shuddering through my spine. That night I didn’t turn off the light and rested.

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The following night, I was truly frightened and kept the lights on and figured out how to rest. At around 2 AM, there was a power cut and I canvassed my self totally in a cover and was extremely frightened. At that point, all of a sudden, someone sat on me and attempting to press my neck. I began to shout, the general population in the following room heard my shout and begun to blast my entryway. I made a decent attempt, pushed the individual and kept running towards the entryway. There was a major giggle from the edge of my room, I opened the entryway, the general population outside has asked me, what happened and asked me who was the other individual, snickering, as they excessively heard the chuckle.

I remained in their room the entire night. Following day morning I opened my room, every one of my things were scattered and my books were torn. I went to the chief and let him know as what has happened.

He changed the room. At that point I went to Hanuman sanctuary and did some puja, tied consecrated string and went to office. Later I came to realize that a man has done suicide by hanging himself in the room and as of now the room is bolted.

Till today individuals say that they hear voices from that room.

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