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Last Wish of A Royal Mother: Tenali Raman Story

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Long back, it was Krishnadeva Rai’s mom’s passing commemoration and he chose to accomplish something uncommon for his perished mother. He called the go to talk about what should be possible to pay praise to the withdrew soul.

The head cleric thought it to be an awesome chance to gain cash. He got some information about the lord’s mom’s last wish. The lord said that his mom used to love the mango natural product a considerable measure and on her last day also, she needed to eat a mango. Be that as it may, when the organic products contacted her, she had passed away.

At the point when the minister caught wind of the illustrious mother’s last wish he said that his mom’s last wish should be satisfied so that her spirit can rest in peace. For this, the kind ought to give 108 mangoes which ought to be made of unadulterated gold and set in 108 silver dishes. These 108 mangoes ought to be given to 108 Brahmins in offerings.

The ruler took no time and promptly consented to what the clever cleric proposed. After a short time, 108 brilliant mangoes were made and were dispersed among the Brahmins.

At the point when Tenali Ram caught wind of this, he immediately understood that the cleric had made a trick of the ruler by playing with his emotions towards his mom. He chose to educate the cleric a decent lesson.

One day, Tenali Ram called the head cleric and let him know that he needed to give contributions in order to satisfy the spirit of his late mother. The cleric got to be cheerful, supposing it to be another chance to fill his pockets. Tenali Ram additionally asked for Krishnadeva Rai to go to the service.

At the point when everyone had gone to the function, Tenali Ram took an intensely hot poker and went towards the head minister. He said that his mom was experiencing extreme torment before her demise and needed an intensely hot poker to be put on her hand. Yet, before her wished could have been satisfied, she inhaled her last.

Consequently, to make her spirit rest in peace, he asked for the minister to give him a chance to play out the follow up on him, alongside every one of the Brahmins whom he had carried alongside him.

Listening to this, the head minister and also the various Brahmins vanished from the service, giving distinctive reasons to Tenali Ram. The lord then came to realize that he was deceived by the head minister and expressed gratitude toward Tenali Ram for making him comprehend the genuine character of the head cleric.

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