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Sachin: A Billion Dreams: Movie Review

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“Mere baba hamesha mujhse kehte thhe ki tumne zindagi mein cricket ko chuna hai, yeh ek baat hai…lekin aakhir tak joh baat tumhare saath rahegi…woh yeh hogi ki tum insaan kaise ho”, as Sachin Tendulkar portrays this counsel given to him by his dad, you understand that the Master Blaster has remained consistent with each of these words and that is precisely what makes him a moving figure to numerous. We get acquainted with a child which is brimming with fiendishness and vitality. Somebody who cherishes deceiving his companions into falling into concealed pits or puncturing every one of the feels worn out on an auto.

That is youthful Sachin for you! Couple of minutes after the fact, it’s the ideal opportunity for a few feelings to run high as you get the chance to perceive how a cricket bat brought as a blessing by his sister from Kashmir and India’s truimph at the 1983 World Cup changes the course of his life as a fantasy lits up in his eyes. Sachin: A Billion Dreams discusses the trials, tribulations, expectations and yearnings of a kid from a white collar class family who hoped against hope enormous. How his folks, sibling Ajit, his mentor Ramkant Achrekar and his better half Anjali had a noteworthy part to play in making him Sachin-‘The God Of Cricket’.

It additionally gives us a sneak-look into Sachin-Anjali’s romantic tale which is by all accounts straight out of a Bollywood film. Keep an eye out for the scene where Sachin recalls how he asked his then-sweetheart Anjali to talk his folks and look for his hand for marriage! Appropriate from his epic fight with turn wizard Shane Warne on the cricket field to him playing it splendidly regardless of being down with a draining nose; all on account of a dreadful Younis bouncer, the film allows you to remember those minutes from his profession at the end of the day and commend the man behind this legend. ‘At the point when individuals toss stones at you, you transform them into turning points’ and that is precisely what Sachin did to haul himself out of the dim circumstances. Amid the last snapshots of the film, you can’t help yourself tearing up when you hear his passionate retirement discourse at Wankhade!

Sachin: A Billion Dreams is a docu-dramatization. Be that as it may, it’s James Erskine’s splendid heading which never leaves a space for a dull minute in the film. He has flawlessly encapsulated cricket in India through Sachin’s adventure and given us a lot of minutes to rewind back to our youth recollections of watching this cricketing symbol playing on field and breaking records.

Decision: Whether a Sachin Tendulkar fan or not, this film will abandon you cheering and hooting without a doubt alongside some wistfulness trickling! You will acknowledge what was it about this Mumbai kid that made one of the best batsman of all circumstances, Sir Donald Bradman once say, ‘I see myself when I see Sachin batting’. More or less, Sachin makes us experience passionate feelings for him once more!

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