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Scariest Filipino Monsters

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source youtube
source youtube

The aswang is presumably the most widely recognized of Filipino beasts since there are such a variety of various types. When all is said in done, they are shape shifters who are human by day and after that around evening time transform into a puppy, a pig, a bat, feline, snake…  the sort of creature relies on upon the local legend. They break into memorial service homes and take late bodies. They are likewise known to enter homes to drink human blood and can transform individuals into aswang by deceiving the human to chomp them consequently. The aswang are particularly ravenous for human embryo so a percentage of the more superstitious stories incorporate neighborhoods watches set up before the home of a pregnant lady to shield her from meandering stray creatures on the off chance that they are the aswang in camouflage.


The Matruculan is one of numerous Filipino animals who assault pregnant ladies. This specific animal first impregnates a virgin before returning later to murder the lady and eat the embryo (albeit a few stories say that both mother and infant are eaten). A few stories assert that the lady is not a virgin but instead hitched and right now pregnant. To ensure the mother and youngster, the spouse must swing a balisong (presented above), or butterfly cut, over the lady’s midsection while she is in the process of giving birth. This leads one to ponder: which is scarier, an undetectable legendary animal, or the father of your unborn tyke wielding a blade over your guts?


source youtube
source youtube

These are furry goliaths with sparkling eyes and a stogie that never wears out. They can normally be discovered sitting on of trees sitting tight for sunset to unnerve underhanded youngsters who are outside of their homes late during the evening. The Kapre is an extraordinary Filipino beast in light of the fact that he doesn’t take babies, gobble individuals or cut them up. The Kapre just appreciates startling kids…  and I assume snickering at them for being terrified. A few stories claim they are very amicable creatures who can allow wishes in the event that you locate their mysterious white stone. One can expect a Kapre is adjacent when trees influence while there is no breeze or you see weak smoke from high above, presumably from the Kapre’s cigar…


These are small human-like animals that live underground. There are two fundamental sorts of Duwende: the duwende puti who are evidently kind animals who realize good fortunes, or the duwende itim who are mean people that like to play tricks on people. They for the most part mind their own business and just collaborate with people when their homes are exasperates. For instance, a generous rancher who deals with his plot may be remunerated by the duwende puti with a more prominent plenitude of harvests than regular. Be that as it may, somebody who kicks an ant colony dwelling place on or close to the home of a duwendi itim will be rebuffed with a heap of diseases from curved mouth to swollen testicles. The most ideal approach to keep away from Duwende of any sort is to say “Tabi-tabi po” out loud before entering what may be their space.


source youtube
source youtube

The tiyanak is like the Greek fanciful siren in that it baits its prey with its voice. An individual hears an infant cry from somewhere down in the forested areas and after that takes after the sound to save the child. A few stories say the individual meanders carelessly in quest for the infant and gets to be pitifully lost. Different stories guarantee that the individual in the long run discovers a child amidst the forested areas. When it is gotten, the infant then shape-shifts into a creature with huge, sharp teeth. It then eats the individual and changes back to an infant to anticipate its next exploited person. With either form, the story closes with “…  and he was never discovered again.”


source youtube
source youtube

Contingent upon locale and storyteller, the sigbin looks like either a hornless goat, a reptilian crow, or something enigmatically along the lines of the Chupacabra. What is most basic with all records is that its head hangs between its forelegs which are much shorter than its hindlegs. Whether in light of physiology or on the grounds that it makes the sigbin appear scarier, it is additionally known to crabwalk in reverse.

The sigbin likewise has a long whip-like tail that emanate’s a foul stench and two grasshopper-like legs on its neck that empower it to bounce far separations. They meander around during the evening looking for kids to eat up however they keep the hearts to make special necklaces. Most stories and sightings begin from the Cebu district.

On the other hand, despite the fact that it is some separation away, in 2005 researchers in Borneo found a “feline fox-like meat eater” with rear legs longer than forelegs issuing it an unbalanced step and physical appearance that to a degree fits a significant number of the portrayals of the sigbin (e.g. long tail, short lower arms, can hop far separations, savage). No indisputable proof has been discovered yet to connection the two together.


source wikipedia
source wikipedia

The tikbalang is portrayed as having the leader of a stallion, the group of a man and the hooves of a steed where human feet would be. In northern locales, the tikbalang is viewed as a disturbance however by and large innocuous. They appreciate bewildering tired voyagers and making them envision things that don’t exist. Voyagers can undoubtedly stop the tricks by turning their own particular shirt back to front and requesting that the tikbalang quit pestering them.

The stories of tikbalang from southern locales paint the animal as a considerably more evil beast. He has gleaming red eyes, a substantial stogie and scents of the stench of smoldering hair. At the point when maddened (and he goads effortlessly), the tikbalang will stamp you to death. To manageable the monster, the individual must cull the one of three abnormally long hairs found in its mane. After that, the tikbalang is your slave. Old stories expresses that when the sun radiates through the mists while it is raining, a couple of Tikbalang are getting hitched.



source youtube
source youtube

In the middle of the night, a knock will sound at the door and outside are three hooded figures, one a pretty, young woman and two elderly men. There are no stories of how the group was formed or where they originated but tales about them have popped up all over the Philippines and with more frequency around the time of outbreaks. Legend has it that a visit from them is an omen that someone in the family will soon die. There are no paintings or hangings that can keep them at bay. Leaving the door unanswered does not help either. They simply knock and leave and then someone would still die shortly thereafter.

The White Lady / Kaperosa

source youtube
source youtube

The White Lady is a particular sort of Multo, or apparition. Most multo have a tendency to be relatives who return to specific relatives to deal with unfinished business however the White Lady is novel in that she doesn’t seem to just her relatives or even to particular individuals she knew when alive. Numerous sightings have reported her in void structures, close woods and on precipices. Be that as it may, she is most normally reported seen along Balete Drive in Quezon City. She was a young woman who was assaulted and murdered by two Japanese officers amid WWII.

While there haven’t been stories of the White Lady being an intentionally pernicious being, she has been the reported as the reason for more than a couple fender benders by drivers who look in their rearview reflect and see a young woman in the rearward sitting arrangement wearing a white dress. Granted, some abnormal, obscure woman sitting in your secondary lounge is sufficiently terrible yet the White Lady is likewise said to have no face or a face secured in blood.


photo via wikimedia
photo via wikimedia

The Manananggal is at times thought to be an extraordinary type of the aswangs. They are at times alluded to as “Tik-tik” in light of the sound it makes while in flight. To befuddle its exploited people, the tik-tik sound gets to be fainter as she nears. These animals by and large tackle the type of an excellent lady with extensive, rugged bat wings. The lower a large portion of her body flourishes to the ground while the upper part confines as she flies looking for sustenance.

The manananggal has a desire for human blood and a specific desiring for the hearts of human hatchlings which it recovers with its long, proboscis-like tongue. Like the Western society’s vampire, the manananggals despise garlic and salt so hanging garlic or setting a dish of salt close to the window is the most ideal approach to keep them away. To slaughter a manananggal, one must locate the lower body and spread salt or slag on the open injury. That keeps the two parts from joining and changing back to human structure when sunlight breaks.

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