Dark Ancient Stories of Night Skies

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Zu Bird

In old Sumeria, the groups of stars that we know as the winged steed and the bull were something else—a tempest evil spirit called Zu feathered creature. Tragically, all we have of the legend is odds and ends, however it’s alarming nonetheless.Zu winged creature was known as a “specialist of malice who raised the head of wickedness” and once attempted to take the world from alternate divine beings.

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Biography of Caroline Herschel

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Caroline Herschel was a German space expert who contributed essentially in the field of stargazing. Her most noteworthy commitments in the field of space science are the revelations of a few comets and especially, the disclosure of the planet, Uranus. In a period where the world was significantly more male centric, she defeated her difficulties and proceeded to acquire a place ever. Herschel was hit with typhus at an exceptionally youthful age.

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