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Secret Superstar: Movie Review

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A fifteen-year-old Vadodara based Insia (Zaira Wasim) tries to be a popular vocalist. Her mom Najma (Meher Vij) has faith in loaning wings to her fantasies. Then again, her sexist father (Arjun Raj) is a dread in the family unit. The guitar-strumming high schooler alongside her compliant mother and child mother attempt to seize in little snapshots of joy at whatever point the father isn’t anywhere in the vicinity.

Like Paulo Coelho puts its up-‘Battle for your fantasies and your fantasies will battle for you! On her mom’s recommendation, Insia takes to the web and begins posting her singing recordings under the monicker ‘Mystery Superstar’ on Youtube. Wearing a burkha, Insia makes a point to disguise her personality in those recordings to avoid her dad’s anger. Before long her recordings circulate around the web and gets the attention of Shakti Kumar (Aamir Khan), an out-of-season music chief. Will Insia conquer all obstacles and turn this as a venturing stone towards her prosperity?

While ‘Dangal’ was even more a bother, the rose-cheeked Zaira Wasim is an entire disclosure in Secret Superstar and pulls off her part with aplomb. Aamir Khan as the self-fixated, OTT performer, wearing creature printed tees and groin hanging pants brings some spunk and a touch of diversion. It’s very engaging to watch him play a character that is simply not him, all things considered.

Indeed, even in his expanded cameo, he gives Zaira a chance to take the spotlight and be the genuine hotshot! Keep in mind Meher Vij who featured as Munni’s mom in Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan? This time she gets a greater amount of screen time as Insia’s mom and leaves a permanent impression.

Be it her stoic hush as a battered spouse in an injurious marriage or her ‘penances’ to enable Insia to accomplish her fantasies, Vij is just extraordinary. Raj Arjun as the ‘Mr. Mogambo’ of the Malik family unit sends shudders down your spine in two or three scenes. The adorable romantic tale track amongst Insia and Chintan (Tirth Sharma) abandons you smiling from ear to ear. Kabir Sajid as Insia’s sibling Guddu is lovable.


The passionate clash between the characters is woven so delightfully that it pulls your heartstrings amd influence you to feel a piece of their reality! Mystery Superstar resembles that ‘maa ke haath ka khaana’ that dependably prevails upon you with its effortlessness and abandons you desiring for additional!

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