Shocking Murders by Chainsaw

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Slaughter of a Social Worker

source youtube
source youtube

Andrew Ellmaker was sentenced murdering his social laborer by wounding her and ruining her with a cutting apparatus. A Kansas judge sentenced him to existence with no probability of parole for a long time. Ellmaker was 17 at the season of the murder in 2004, and as an adolescent, he was not qualified for the death penalty.

Social laborer Teri Lea Zenner, 26, was killed while going to Ellmaker’s home to check in the event that he was taking his pharmaceutical. Ellmaker caught Zenner in his room. His mom, Sue Ellmaker, heard crying and debilitated to call the police.

Zenner bumbled out of the live with a neck wound. Sue was cut over and again when she attempted to get amongst Ellmaker and the social specialists. After his mom got away to a neighbor’s home, Ellmaker took a cutting apparatus to Zenner.


Best Friend Beheaded

Photo credit: Houston Police Dept
Photo credit: Houston Police Dept

In 2011, police found the remaining parts of Marlon Thomas, 35, in the weeds behind a Houston house. Later, a junk sack containing arms and a head was recuperated from the slither space. Adjacent, they found a cutting apparatus. Cops captured Noe Gerado Morin, 32, for the murder.

Morin and Thomas were flat mates and had been companions for more than 20 years. Neighbors said Morin trusted Thomas stole cash and medications from him. Morin was indicted the murder and sentenced to life. Prosecutors asserted he shot Thomas and after that utilized a cutting apparatus to discard the body.

To start with he evacuated the arms, and afterward he executed the dead body. The remaining parts were then scattered. Some made it into the junk sack under the house. Morin professedly flaunted the dissected middle to neighbors, asserting, “This is the thing that happens when somebody takes from me.”


The Trashed Teen

source youtube
source youtube

Prior this year, Laquanta Chapman, 36, was sentenced to life for shooting a young person, dismantling him, and discarding him alongside canine cadavers. The casualty, Aaron Turner, 16, lived over the road from Chapman. The high schooler kicked the bucket in a medication bargain turned sour in October 2008.

Chapman shot Turner, separated his body with a couple of cutting apparatuses and blended his remaining parts with pit bull body parts. He packed away up the dissected casualty and left him to be gotten with the junk. Turner’s body was never recuperated.

The jury collectively sentenced Chapman to death. The State Supreme Court supplanted this with existence without the chance for further appeal. There was not “adequate irritating element” to legitimize capital punishment.


Executioner Eviction

In 2012, Washington occupant Justin Morgan murdered his proprietor. Skagit County sheriffs found the assemblage of Louis Auriemma, 52, by a cutting tool and blood-recolored cash. Daly, who lived in a trailer on Auriemma’s property, had been acting unpredictably paving the way to the occurrence. Daly punched Auriemma days before the killing and beat up another neighbor a month earlier. Auriemma requested Daly to move out.

Morgan admitted to clubbing him with a homerun stick, cutting his face with a cutting tool, and wounding him with a nail. He guarantees Auriemma attempted to cut him with the nail first. At the point when requested an intention, Morgan answered that he was “irritated.” Despite the admission, Morgan later argued “not blameworthy” to killing Auriemma.



In 1987, a previous Cal State Fresno teacher killed a male whore and dissected him with a cutting tool. A Los Angles Superior Court judge sentenced Max Bernard Franc, 58, to the most extreme time reasonable. The casualty, Tracy Nute, 18, was a Hollywood transient from Kansas City, Missouri.

Nute’s arms and parts of his legs were scattered around the McBean Parkway in Valencia. His head and middle were found 200 miles north, in a field close Madera. Powers focused on Franc when he gave back a leased cutting apparatus with bits of blood and tissue in the inward workings.

The general population guard contended that another man, Terry Adams, submitted the murder and the dissection. Adams never surfaced. The jury trusted Franc acted alone. Franc instructed political science at City Universtity of New York and Boston University before landing at Cal State Fresno in 1969. He kicked the bucket of a heart assault in jail in 1997.



source youtube
source youtube

In 2015, Christopher Peppelman butchered his significant other with a cutting tool and afterward turned the power device on himself. Nicole Peppelman, 43, was stifled and cut, yet it was the cutting apparatus that slaughtered her. Christopher, 48, kicked the bucket from self-caused “expanding, sharp-compel wounds” to his thigh and belly.

Cutting apparatus suicide is uncommon however not inconceivable. The couple’s 14-year-old child unearthed the savage scene in their home in Montgomery Country, Pennsylvania. Agents are unverifiable what brought about Christopher’s brutality.

Nicole petitioned for separation in 2011, however it had just come through before that year. She and her two children were living with her folks. Companions reported that the couple had issues previously, yet nothing anticipated this horrendous event. Their kids are right now under the watchful eye of relatives.

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