Some Crazy Interesting Facts about Rajneesh Movement

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Ma Anand Sheela

Rajneesh’s correct hand individual and secretary was Ma Anand Sheela. She in a split second ended up committed to Rajneesh in the wake of meeting him when she was only 16 years of age. She persuaded him to come to America and dealt with the cooperative while additionally being the leader of the Rajneesh Foundation International.

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Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and disciples in darshan at Poona in 1977

She was a dauntless and savage pioneer in Rajneeshpuram and showed up to troll the neighboring towns and the individuals who despised the Rajneesh people.She was taken a gander at by numerous individuals as somebody who shouldn’t be crossed, yet her violations began getting up to speed with her. In 1984, she endeavored to impact a nearby decision by utilizing several vagrants and enrolling them to cast a ballot.

After the arrangement fizzled, she masterminded Rajneesh researchers to pollute sustenance at neighborhood eateries to make individuals wiped out before the elections. She was likewise blamed for wiretapping and endeavored murder. In 1986, she confessed to endeavored murder, wiretapping, movement extortion, and building a salmonella episode. She was discharged from jail right on time for good conduct, and she presently lives in Switzerland, where she thinks about 29 rationally impaired patients in her two consideration homes.

Largest Bioterrorism Attack In US History

The general population of Rajneeshpuram needed to assume control over the neighborhood government, and another of their insane designs to do as such would be more unsafe than delivery vagrants all through their town. Since they didn’t have enough individuals to swing the votes their direction, they chose they would take out their opposition.

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In the wake of leading an investigation of the farm, Wasco County Executive William Hulse and Commissioner Raymond Matthew turned out to be sick. They had flushed ice water from the collective that had hints of salmonella in it.Followers of the gathering didn’t stop there, however; they would likewise be in charge of the biggest bioterrorism assault in the United States. Salsa bars, vegetable and plate of mixed greens bars, table-top flavors, and different sustenances at twelve nearby eateries and grocery stores were polluted with salmonella.

No one kicked the bucket, yet in excess of 750 individuals were sickened because of the Rajneeshees’ activities. They had trusted that if enough individuals were debilitated amid the race, they could toss it to get their pioneers in. The plot didn’t work, however, in light of the fact that local people were furious and ended up voting against the Rajneesh individuals in the wake of suspecting it was them who caused the sickness.

Rajneesh 100 Rolls-Royces

As expressed before, Rajneesh grasped realism and delighted in the better things. He possessed a gigantic armada of costly vehicles which he would use for his every day “drive-bys,” which was a drive along the street of Rajneeshpuram while the adherents would line the street applauding. Rajneesh once stated, “Riches is an ideal methods which can improve individuals all around . . . So I am a materialistic mystic.”

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His initial two Rolls-Royces were a Corniche and Silver Shadow, which were delivered from India to the Oregon farm. His gathering would in the long run develop to an armada of 93 Rolls-Royces. After Rajneesh left the nation, the Rolls-Royces were sold. The vehicles were in mint condition and had not many miles on them on the grounds that Rajneesh drove an alternate one every day. The vehicles were sold for somewhere in the range of $60,000 to $265,000 a piece.


At the point when Rajneesh moved to the US in 1981, he bought the Big Muddy Ranch only outside of Antelope, Oregon. The people group was named Rajneeshpuram, otherwise called Rancho Rajneesh, and was quickly joined as a city in the mid 1980s. Individuals from everywhere throughout the world got away here to make a perfect world loaded up with otherworldliness and a free love environment.

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The people group was independent and had all that it needed.Legal issues before long shook Rajneeshpuram as Rajneesh and a few others ended up in fights in court for crimes. The Rajneesh development immediately fallen, and Rajneeshpuram was cleared. Montana very rich person Dennis Washington purchased the property to be utilized as a goal resort, yet he kept running into zoning issues later.

The Washington family later gave the land to Young Life in 1996. The land is presently home to Young Life’s Washington Family Ranch, which is a 64,000-section of land Christian youth camp that highlights zip lines, an Olympic-sized pool, go-karts, a man-made lake, water slides, and a 8,200-square-meter (88,000 ft2) wellness focus.

Fraudulent Marriages

The Rajneesh individuals are in charge of one of the biggest recorded marriage misrepresentation cases in the United States. It is said that there were in excess of 400 trick relational unions executed by the Rajneeshees. The migration misrepresentation was accepted to be going by Ma Anand Sheela when they moved to America.

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The relational unions were between US natives and visiting outsiders. They were made to give the outsiders perpetual living arrangement in the United States and sidestep American laws. Specialists knew about the conceivable illicit relational unions, however, and the Rajneesh individuals could feel the weight. The religious clique remained in a fight in court with the US over the movement misrepresentation, yet they inevitably lost the battle.

A few people were captured for movement extortion, conceding that the relational unions were a trick to enable supporters to settle in Oregon with Rajneesh. Rajneesh likewise conceded to migration misrepresentation, was requested to pay a $400,000 fine, and was not permitted to return the nation.

Homeless People Recruited

A huge number of vagrants were being transported into Rajneeshpuram to live and work in the collective. Supporters asserted this was a huge new philanthropy being performed by the gathering to give vagrants another shot at life.

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Pundits of the gathering guaranteed the destitute were being sent to the territory to support voting in favor of individuals from the religious gathering. The pioneers of Rajneeshpuram needed to begin getting individuals chose into government positions to give the gathering help with specific things, yet they would require more individuals to vote in favor of their individuals so as to get chose.

This was the reason vagrants were being moved to the area and enlisting to cast a ballot. The clique before long understood that a significant number of the destitute were rationally sick and wouldn’t vote in favor of them or live with their silly principles at Rajneeshpuram. The vagrants were told they would get a ticket back to where they originated from, however rather, they were dropped off at close-by urban communities, making a deluge of vagrants these towns. A significant number of the destitute were even piece of a $40 million suit against the Indian master in the wake of learning they were utilized for casting a ballot.

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