Some Interesting Facts about Africa

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Where is Africa found?

The landmass of Africa is the world’s second biggest mainland. Africa is situated toward the south of Europe and southwest of Asia and covers every one of the four sides of the equator.

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Ruins of Great Zimbabwe (flourished eleventh to fifteenth centuries)

What was the first name of Africa?

As per a prevalent view, the name ‘Africa’ originates from the name of a nearby African clan called ‘Afrigami’ that lived on the Northern side of the mainland.

Africa has a wide assortment of topographical highlights and atmosphere. It has rainforests, prairies, deserts and a couple of mountain reaches like the Atlas Mountains.

What is Africa well known for?

  • Africa is the world’s second biggest landmass and covers right around one fifth of Earth’s all out land territory. It is home to in excess of a billion people and is consequently, likewise the world’s second most crowded landmass.
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1803 Cedid Atlas, showing a map of the African continent from the perspective of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans controlled much of Northern Africa between the 14th and 19th centuries, and had vassal arrangements with a number of Saharan states.
  • The first pre-human fossils were found in Africa.
  • Acclaimed researcher Charles Darwin proposed that the precursors of individuals started on the African mainland.
  • Africa is the most sweltering mainland!
  • Africa contacts Asia at two spots and Europe at one spot.
  • The most elevated point in this landmass is Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and the absolute bottom is Lake Asal.
  • There are 54 nations in the landmass. Africa has the most extreme number of nations among every single other mainland.
  • In excess of 1,000 dialects are spoken in Africa. Arabic is the most well-known language spoken in this landmass.
  • Sudan is the biggest nation in Africa.
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Savanna at Ngorongoro Conservation AreaTanzania
  • Seychelles is the smallest nation in the Continent.
  • Nigeria is the most populated nation in Africa.
  • Lake Victoria is the biggest lake in the African landmass.
  • The landmass of Africa has the world’s longest stream, Nile and the world’s biggest desert, Sahara.
  • Victoria Falls holds the notoriety of being the biggest cascade in the African landmass.
  • A large portion of the individuals pursue Islam religion in Africa.
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The Great Mosque of Kairouan, founded in 670, is the oldest mosque in North Africa; it is located in KairouanTunisia
  • African landmass is very wealthy in natural life including penguins, lions, seals, gorillas, giraffe, hippos and crocodiles. African elephant, the world’s biggest land creature that gauges in excess of 6 tons, is additionally found in Africa. World’s tallest creature—giraffe and world’s quickest creature—cheetah, are both found here.
  • Africa is an immature landmass and furthermore known as the least fortunate of the entirety of the mainlands.

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