Some Interesting Facts about Malawi

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Verifiable and Cultural Facts About Malawi

  • Chambo is the staple eating routine of numerous lakeside occupants. This fish is the most imperative farming yield of Lake Malawi.
  • The customary dress worn by ladies on Malawi is called Chitenje. It is a rectangular bit of texture which arrives in an assortment of examples, hues and plans. It is tied similarly as you would tie a sarong. It is at times used to conceal marginally shabbier attire and can likewise be utilized as a child sling or as a pot holder.
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  • Malawi is properly known as “The Warm Heart of Africa”. Local people you meet are agreeable, gracious and neighborly.
  • It was the Portuguese acquainted maize with the area. Today, maize is as yet the staple grain of Malawi.
  • The most punctual human settlements in Malawi go back to 50,000 to 60,000 years prior. They were Bushmen individuals, whose stone canvases can in any case be seen outside the capital of Lilongwe.
  • In July 1957, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother went through a night at Ku Chawe Inn in Zomba. The event she likewise introduced the Queens Hospital in Blantyre.
  • In July 1979, Queen Elizabeth II and her better half Prince Phillip spent couple of evenings at Ku-Chawe Inn, Zomba. Observe the period of July.
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Chongoni Rock Art Area.
  • Human remains dating the distance back to 8000 BC have additionally been found in Malawi.
  • Prescription people give social insurance to numerous individuals, particularly in rustic territories, utilizing customary or society drug. Now and then called singanas, they work out of the home or from a facility, utilizing characteristic medications, for example, roots, herbs, and mixtures. Medication men base their mending on the presumption that most sicknesses are caused by heavenly powers and that extraordinary forces are required to fix them.
  • There is a long custom of oral imaginativeness. Prior to the spread of education in the twentieth century, writings were protected in memory and performed or discussed. Those customary writings gave amusement, guidance, and remembrance.

Intriguing Facts About Malawi

  • The Shire River courses through the Shire Highlands of south Malawi. It drops 400m from Lake Malawi to the fringe with Mozambique, Malawi’s absolute bottom. The stream passes numerous falls and the rapids on its short way. The Shire River is a piece of the Great Rift Valley.
  • Likoma Island in Lake Malawi is a smallish island situated toward the eastern side of Lake Malawi. Its most eminent component is its church building, which was worked in 1903.
  • Tobacco and tea are the central fares of Malawi. Malawi likewise has the most elevated generation of burley leaf tobacco, a poor quality, high nicotine tobacco.
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Mountains in Northern Malawi during rainy season
  • Malawi is landlocked and is flanked by Tanzania toward the upper east, Mozambique on the east, south and west, and Zambia toward the northwest.
  • Malawi is home to the third biggest lake in Africa, Lake Malawi. It is likewise the eighth biggest lake on the planet, and the second most profound lake in Africa. It is home to numerous types of fish, and in addition hippos, crocodiles and fish falcons. It is otherwise called Lake Nyasa originating from the days when Malawi was known as Nyasaland.
  • Zomba isn’t only a vacationer goal, yet individuals have been informed that some jeopardized types of feathered creatures are seen there. Those are the white-winged apalis. There are less than 100 reproducing sets of the white-winged apalis left in nature. On the edges of Zomba, in the midst of the Jacaranda trees, you can see a couple of these delightful feathered creatures.
  • The lovely old stone working in Blantyre worked in 1891 is St. Michael and All Angels Church. It was planned by the Rev. David Scott who had no building foundation at all. It was worked by nearby work that had almost no involvement in development. Thinking about this, it is a completely great building.
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Crafts market in Lilongwe
  • Liwonde National Parkis Malawi’s chief national park with cabins on the Shire River giving a stunning setting to a tremendous assortment of fowls, hippos, elephants and a lot more types of natural life.
  • Mulanje Mountain – One of Africa’s best trekking goals, Mulanje Mountain offers magnificent climbing chances to achieve its 3,000m summit, and other rough tops, with numerous trails in perfect scenes with cascades and streams.
  • Blantyre– Malawi’s business capital and an extraordinary place to loosen up make some shop done, appreciate some unrecorded music and not too bad eateries – particularly in case you’re overlanding or exploring through this piece of Africa.

Fun Facts About Malawi

  • Lake Malawi was once called “The Lake of Stars” by the popular Scottish voyager David Livingstone, since lamp lights he saw from the anglers’ pontoons looked like the stars during the evening.
  • In 2006, Malawi was brought into worldwide spotlight when David Banda Mwale, a Malawian kid in a shelter, was embraced by pop symbol Madonna.
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Children attending a farmer meeting in Nalifu village, Mulanje, Malawi.
  • Malawian men for the most part incline toward wearing slacks instead of strolling shorts, as the last are viewed as a bit of garments worn just by school kids.
  • Malawi is the main nation on the planet that has a Carlsberg production line (with the exemption, obviously, of Denmark) – so Carlsberg lager is sold here at pretty much 35p!
  • It isn’t irregular in Malawi to see a 12-seater transport transporting 25 individuals, in addition to goats, chicken, and bushels of vegetables.
  • Malawi’s Lake Nyasa contains more fish species than some other lake on earth.
  • Malawi flaunts the world’s fifth-best netball group. The Queens are authoritatively the best wearing group the country has ever delivered.
  • The name Malawi originates from the Maravi an old name of the Nyanja individuals that possess the zone. The nation is additionally nicknamed ‘The Warm Heart of Africa’.
  • Ku Chawe Inn is a hotel of note. Set up in provincial occasions. Arranged on Zomba Plateu, 900 meters above Zomba Town of Malawi. The British Monarch most loved dozing place.
Two small dugout canoes on the shore of a lake
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Lake Malawi
  • Zomba in Malawi has dependably been a journey town for all reasons. In the event that a youngster was brilliant, he would be glad to learn at the esteemed Secondary School prominently called Box 2 Zomba. On the off chance that someone was exceptional splendid, too brilliant to be in any way evident, he fit the bill for Mental Hospital, Box 1 Zomba. More splendid understudies wind up at Chancellor College, University of Malawi, Box 280 Zomba.

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