Some Interesting Facts that are Wrong

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Folding Paper

False Fact: You can’t overlap a bit of paper down the middle more than 7 times

This is one we as a whole hear routinely – and we trust it since it is genuine when we attempted it. Be that as it may, in 2002 a US secondary school understudy Britney Gallivan refuted it by collapsing a bit of slender gold leaf in excess of multiple times with the utilization of tweezers.

photo via wikipedia

To further demonstrate that it should be possible, she purchased a monster move of bathroom tissue on the web and her and her family took it to the nearby shopping center where they endeavored to crease it in excess of multiple times. Seven hours of collapsing later, they had it collapsed into 12 folds.

Space Dust

False Fact: NASA designed the DustBuster

As a matter of first importance, how would you vacuum in a vacuum? You don’t, so for what reason would NASA need a vacuum cleaner for its space missions? It didn’t, however what it needed was a little battery fueled drill, so they overflowed up with Black and Decker to think of the ideal gadget.

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When the gadget had been acknowledged, Black and Decker were left with incredible innovation from which they in the long run built up the DustBuster and other helpful home gadgets.

The Great Wall

False Fact: The Great Wall of China is the main artificial structure unmistakable from space.

Well this isn’t right on numerous levels. Right off the bat, while you are still close enough to earth to really observe the extraordinary divider, you can likewise observe street systems, and other enormous articles made by man. There is, indeed, no separation from earth where you can just observe the incredible divider. When you get a couple of thousand miles away, you can see nothing synthetic. Space explorer Alan Bean stated:

source wikipedia

“The main thing you can see from the moon is a lovely circle, generally white (mists), some blue (sea), patches of yellow (deserts), and now and again some green vegetation. No man-made item is noticeable on this scale. Indeed, when first leaving earth’s circle and just a couple of thousand miles away, no man-made article is obvious by then either.”

Polar Bears

False Fact: Polar Bears are left handed

Where this legend originated from is presently lost in obscurity openings of history. The across the board of this misnomer is very phenomenal with more google results declaring it as gospel than not. However, as a general rule, researchers who have spent their working lives concentrating polar bears have discovered that they are really able to use both hands.

Polar Bear - Alaska (cropped).jpg
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It is conceivable that the fantasy was begun when individuals watched the bears functioning admirably with their left hands, yet they fail to see that they likewise functioned admirably with their right.

Jumping Elephants

False Fact: Elephants are the main warm blooded creature that can’t bounce

Above all else, to make sure you know, the facts demonstrate that grown-up elephants can’t hop – if by bouncing we mean the condition of having no feet on the ground in the meantime in the wake of moving oneself from a stationary position. In any case, as opposed to the common misconception that it is the main warm blooded creature that can’t, it is joined by a couple of others.

A female African bush elephant in Mikumi National Park, Tanzania
photo via wikipedia

Right off the bat, the sloth can’t hop which suits its lethargic way of life rather well. Additionally, rhinoceroses and hippopotamuses likewise can’t bounce, however not at all like elephants, when they run it is feasible for them to have every one of the four feet off the ground.


False Fact: A logical report on peanuts in bars discovered hints of more than 100 interesting examples of pee.

After thorough looking for more data, for reasons unknown, no logical investigation (or non-logical examination so far as that is concerned) has ever been led in to peanuts at bars.

photo via wikipedia

In any case, there was an examination in ice-3D shapes in UK bars in 2003 which found that 44% of ice 3D squares tried contained coliform microscopic organisms – microbes that originates from human crap.

Considerably more amazingly, 5% were tainted with the possibly dangerous E. Coli microscopic organisms. I surmise that demonstrates that they aren’t making their ice 3D shapes from filtered water. Thus, next time you are in London, pass on the ice and appreciate a few peanuts.

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