Spooky Hawaiian Legends

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The Green Lady Of Wahiawa

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source youtube

In Japanese, obake is a term frequently used to depict a thing that progressions. Much like the mujina, the obake is a shape-shifter in Japanese fables. In the wake of being conveyed to Hawaii, the term obake got to be regularly utilized for otherworldly elements of various sorts, however basically phantoms or malignant spirits.

One such soul is depicted as a lady secured in greenery and green mold who meanders the Wahiawa ravine. Local people call her the Green Lady. She is basically seen close to the Wahiawa Botanical Garden, yet reports have surfaced that she can likewise be seen at the Wahiawa Elementary School. The individuals who have seen her close to the grade school portray her as a lady with green, fish-like scales, rugged teeth, and hair secured in ocean growth.

The normal backstory for the Green Lady is that there was at one time a lady who went to the Wahiawa gorge with her youngsters. While there, one of her kids got lost and was never found. The lady kicked the bucket of awfulness and is said to still meander the Wahiawa range, searching for her lost tyke. It is likewise said that she will take any kid she goes over.

Pele In Disguise

The goddess Pele is usually alluded to as lovely, yet she can likewise be hot-tempered. Pele frequently takes the type of a lady in red or an old lady with a stick so as to test the Hawaiian individuals. Guests to the islands case to have seen a lady in red moving close to the pits of her home, which is presently known as the Kilauea National Park. Different sightseers assert that an old lady would approach them requesting cigarette, light it with a snap of her finger, then vanish.

Different stories recount an old lady, accepted to be Pele in camouflage, who thumps on the entryways of outsiders amidst the night. She will request some tea or water, and if the individual declines to help her, passing or grievousness will fall over their gang. On the off chance that the individual is sufficiently caring to get the old woman something to drink, she vanishes, however the property holder will get uplifting news the accompanying day.

There is a prevalent story in Hawaiian legend about Pele rebuffing the individuals who are egotistical and remunerating the individuals who hone the soul of salaam. The story goes like this: One day, Pele took the type of an old woman with a stick and chose to stroll down to the closest town. She went over a huge home loaded with banana trees, coconut palms, and a lavish greenery enclosure loaded with taro. At the point when Pele looked into the home, she saw a sharp looking family having a banquet.

Pele offer them salud (hi) and let them know that she had been strolling for quite a while and would like something to eat. To start with she requested poi—a dish produced using taro—yet the family said they didn’t have enough to impart, despite the fact that they had a greenery enclosure brimming with taro. Pele then requested fish, yet the family by and by asserted to have next to no to impart.

Pele requested berries next, yet the ladies of the family lied and said they had none to impart in light of the fact that all the berries in their greenery enclosure were green. In the wake of giving the family different chances to show thoughtfulness to a fatigued, old woman, Pele bowed and went on her way. Pele proceeded with her trip and went over a modest home. After peering through the entryways, she saw a family cheerfully appreciating the products of their greenhouse. Pele offer them salaam and again inquired as to whether they had anything to eat.

The family respected her in instantly and set her up a dish of poi. Pele completed her first bowl and requested more. Without a second thought, the lady of the house set her up another dish. Pele ate and ate until she was full, and not once did the family delay to dive into their small supply of nourishment.

The lady of the house advised her that she didn’t have any poi left until the following harvest and that she was happy the old lady had delighted in her sustenance. Pele stood up and told the family that, on account of their graciousness, they would be remunerated with a productive harvest. Then, their parsimonious neighbor’s rich yields would bite the dust.

The Haunting Of Pearl Harbor

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source youtube

On December 7, 1941, Japan dispatched its assault on the Naval Station in Pearl Harbor. Thousands were murdered and injured in the strike. However, the assaults weren’t exclusively gone for the Pearl Harbor Naval Station—the Hickam Air Force Base by it was focused also. Spooky ghosts, unexplained lights, and creepy clamors are said to be regular around the notable site.

One building at the Hickam Air Force Base still bears the shot gaps caused by the 1941 assault. It is said that this is the area where many warriors passed on from their injuries. Guests and laborers case to have seen spooky fighters strolling around the passageways, and strides and agonizing groans can be heard reverberating in void rooms.

There is a gatekeeper shack in Hickam that is said to be particularly spooky. A warrior was said to have been shot dead inside and, late around evening time, witnesses say they can see a fighter wearing a military uniform from the 1940s standing watch in the shack. Different phantoms have been seen at the dock of the USS Arizona, which was at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese assaulted. The boat sank and all the troopers on board died. Phantoms of warriors are reputed to watch the region notwithstanding amid the day. Numerous guests report feeling an extraordinary feeling of trouble, being alarmed for no evident reason, or amazing torment.

The apparition of an officer who was shot in the wake of leaving his post amid the assault is said to frequent the deck of the submerged boat amid low tide. A percentage of the remaining parts of the perished warriors are still in the boat right up ’til the present time.

The Half-Faced Girl Of Old Pali Road

There is undoubtedly the Old Pali Road, situated in the Nuuanu Valley, gives off an impression of being the inside for the majority of Oahu’s extraordinary exercises. Path before the current Pali Highway supplanted the old street, it was at one time the site of the most imperative fights the Hawaiian islands have ever seen.

In 1795, in a fight for the unification of the Hawaiian islands, King Kamehameha I constrained a great many his rivals to bounce to their passings off the Nuuanu Pali precipice. Their apparitions are still seen tumbling to this day.Since then, reports around the region talk of spooky nebulous visions, for example, Night Marchers and a spooky body dangling from a tree in Morgan’s Corner. One specific phantom story is that of the half-confronted youthful girl.Locals and guests to this range case to have seen the nebulous vision of a young lady with long, dark hair skipping rope as she buoys not far off.

That alone would be sufficiently stunning, however one witness asserted that the young lady’s nose, cheeks, and mouth were missing. Her just highlights were a couple of substantial eyes swelling out of their sockets.The young lady is said to have been the casualty of an assault before the man strangled her with her own hop rope and left her dead body in the hedges to disintegrate.

The way of death may clarify why the young lady’s soul showcased swelling eyeballs, however there’s one and only conceivable clarification for the missing facial highlights: Wild creatures more likely than not discovered and eaten parts of her face before powers had the capacity recuperate her.

The Little People Of Hawaii

The Menehune, likewise referred to in antiquated messages as Nawao, are the Hawaiian rendition of pixies or the leprechauns of Ireland. The Menehune are short in stature—around .6 meters (2 ft) tall—and abide in rich woodlands far from civilization. They’re frequently depicted as evil, yet they additionally have the heavenly capacity to assemble or develop anything they crave inside a day.

Known as expert manufacturers, they were frequently contracted by the local Hawaiians to manufacture homes, sanctuaries, and heiaus ( spots of love). They are extremely modest individuals and like to work during the evening when nobody is around. In the event that they are gotten in the demonstration, they will drop what they’re doing and vanish, never to complete their work. What’s more, in case you’re the individual who intrudes on them, you’ll be swung to stone.These little individuals were credited for building the biggest aquaculture repository on the island, Alekoko Fishpond, on Lihue close to the Nawiliwili Harbor.

A few students of history accept that the tale of the legendary Menehune could be in view of reality. The hypothesis is that the Menehune were genuine individuals from Marquesas Island who moved to the island of Hawaii before it was possessed by the Tahitians. It is accepted that the Tahitian settlers constrained the Menehune to withdraw to the more profound piece of the backwoods with an end goal to survive.If you hear the sound of sprinkling close to the shoreline or waterfall around evening time, its said to be from a Menehune. Obviously, one of their most loved past times, other than playing tricks on islanders, is jumping.

Haunting At Morgan’s Corner

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source youtube

Morgan’s Corner is situated on Nuuanu Pali Drive, which leads into the Nuuana Valley. Its name originates from a surely understood specialist named Dr. James Morgan who lived on the clip turn amid the 1920s. Local people guarantee that the turn first got to be frequented in 1948 when a 68-year-old widow by the name of Therese Wilder was violently killed in her home by two got away detainees.

Her nursery worker, Isabelo Escalante, found her dead body, and it wasn’t much sooner than powers were on the chase for her executioners. Upon catch, the two outlaws admitted to executing Therese Wilder and clarified that, in the wake of burglarizing a close-by home, they noticed the dowager’s cooking and slaughtered her for a touch of supper.Another story from Morgan’s Corner includes a young lady named Brittani Lochmann, why should said have hanged herself on a tree toward the end of Nuuanu Road.

Brittani’s body wasn’t found for a few days, and when it was, her body had totally tore far from her neck, leaving just her head in the noose. Britanni’s head was never reattached to her body, notwithstanding for her own internment, which local people case is the reason her soul still frequents the Nuuanu Pali.

A urban legend fixing to Morgan’s Corner recounts a youthful couple who chose to stop their auto under a tree one night. When they chose to leave, the auto wouldn’t begin. The kid advised the young lady to stay in the auto while he got help.

For the duration of the night, she heard tree limbs scratching the auto’s rooftop, yet she soon nodded off regardless of the noise.The young lady was stirred in the morning by a policeman who requested her to get out and leave the auto without pivoting. She did as she was asked, however her interest got to her and, after pivoting, she saw her dead beau hanging upside down from the tree. His middle was cut open and his fingers were scratching over the auto’s rooftop.

The Kaimuki House

In Japanese legends, a kasha is a devil or primative substance that bolsters on human cadavers, and is said to convey the bodies to damnation as discipline for conferring mortal sin amid life. Despite the fact that these unpleasant cases don’t appear to fit the definition, a kasha is accepted to live in the Kaimuki house situated on 8th Avenue and Harding in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The historical backdrop of the house is a grim one. The kasha is accepted to have initially settled its residency after a father killed his crew. The collections of his wife and child were discovered covered on the property, yet his little girl’s was no place to be found.In the late spring of 1942, powers were called onto the Kaimuki property on the grounds that a lady asserted that an inconspicuous element was assaulting her youngsters.

At the point when police landed at the home, they were gone up against by a crazy lady shouting that a phantom was attempting to slaughter her youngsters. As indicated by reports, the police observed with sickening apprehension as the imperceptible power ambushed and tossed the youngsters over the room. Also, the house was simply getting warmed up.

source youtube
source youtube

Three ladies later moved into the Kaimuki home. One night, an imperceptible power snatched the arm of one of the ladies, which alarmed the women and brought about a call to the police for aid. In the wake of disclosing the episode to the policeman, the ladies inquired as to whether he could tail them as they headed to one of their moms’ home. Not very long into the drive, the ladies maneuvered into a parking area.

The policeman got out to explore and discovered the ladies grappling with a concealed power, with one lady apparently being stifled. At the point when the policeman endeavored to help the woman, he was constrained back and controlled by what he portrayed as an “expansive calloused hand.”The policeman figured out how to get the woman being gagged out of their vehicle and into his watch auto, yet neither of the autos would begin. At the point when the policeman let the stifling victimized person retreat to her vehicle, both autos murmured to life as though nothing had been wrong.They drove out of the parking area, yet things just deteriorated.

The policeman saw the auto entryway get ripped off the auto and hurled to the street, and minutes after the fact the gagging exploited person was tossed out of the moving auto. The ladies and policeman were not able to do anything as the kasha stifled its exploited person to death.In 1977, a youthful couple who had quite recently moved onto the Kaimuki property touched base back home from a trip and resigned to their room.

Around midnight, the lady woke up in light of the fact that the room had ended up so icy. The lady glanced around to check whether any of the windows were open and saw what gave off an impression of being a substantial lady with no arms or legs drifting over their bed. Terrified by the episode, the couple counseled with their reverend, who instructed them to offer nourishment to the soul in light of the fact that it may very well need help coming back to where it had a place. The couple took after the reverend’s guidelines for a week, and the soul stayed away forever once more.

The Night Marchers

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source youtube

The Huaka’ipo are the spirits of old Hawaiian warriors who are unceasingly reviled to walk all through the islands of Hawaii. Known as the Night Marchers, they are said to walk in a solitary line, frequently conveying lights and weapons, playing drums, and droning. The Night Marchers seldom show up amid the day, yet when they do it implies that they are escorting a living with respect to the next side.

The telling signs that Night Marchers are making a beeline for you are the hints of drums getting closer, a foul smell, conch shells being blown, and drawing nearer torchlight.It is viewed as an underhanded sign to take a gander at the Night Marchers, so to ensure yourself you must lie facedown on the ground as an indication of appreciation. On the off chance that they see you taking a gander at them, the Night Marchers will execute you unless a precursor remembers you and cases you as their blood. Since no strong structure based on the Night Marchers’ way can hinder them, numerous local people tell stories of the Night Marchers experiencing their homes and leaving apprehension in their souls.

Mujina, The Faceless Woman

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source youtube

First and foremost found in Japanese old stories, a mujina is an animal with no face that can shape-shift into human structure. A popular Japanese mujina was named Kozo; he took the type of a minister and ventured to every part of the dull streets during the evening approaching outsiders for water or tea to drink. Japanese migrants conveyed this fables to Hawaii, and the old story tackled another spin.

In 1959, a lady was accounted for to have seen a mujina at a drive-in theater in Kahala. The nearby lady guaranteed that she went to utilize the restroom and perceived another lady brushing her hair. When sufficiently close to see the other lady, she quickly perceived that the red-haired lady did not have any facial highlights. The lady was accounted for to have had a mental meltdown and was dealt with at a doctor’s facility.

Initially, local people suspected that the story was simply talk, however when neighborhood radio host Glen Grant was talking about its legitimacy on-air in 1981, the lady made an individual call into the station and described her story, notwithstanding including that the mujina she’d experienced had red hair, a point of interest which had beforehand been unreported. From that point forward, innumerable stories of the faceless mujina developed over the islands, some originating from Glen Grant himself.

The Story Of Pele And Pali Road

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source youtube

There are different stories relating to the rough relationship between the Hawaiian magma goddess Pele and her hoard confronted, demigod significant other Kamapua’a, and one of them a generated an unusual urban legend by the Hawaiian individuals that comes down to one basic guideline: Never convey pork over the Pali street. As the story goes, Pele and Kamapua’a had a turbulent relationship that was destined from the begin.

Kamapua’a was the result of an undertaking between his mom and his mom’s brother by marriage, and his stepfather named him Hog Face and treated him remorselessly. Kamapua’a grew up great looking, brilliant, and effective, however all he ached for was his stepfather’s acknowledgement. Kamapua’a’s heart got to be loaded with displeasure and scorn, and he chose to change his appearance by tattooing his face and wearing a pig’s face as a veil. He was then compelled to escape his island because of the inconveniences he had deliberately brought on his stepfather’s territory.

When Kamapua’a arrived in Hawaii, he heard of a gorgeous woman named Pele, so he traveled to the south of the island to ask for her hand in marriage. Pele was so disgusted by his appearance that she fought to keep him away from her. Eventually though, Pele yielded to his efforts and the two got married. Emboldened by her acceptance of him, Kamapua’a’s heart softened and his appearance changed back to his natural good looks.

Unfortunately, Pele was so confused by Kamapua’a’s sudden transformation that she pulled away from him and retreated to her side of the island, which was hot and filled with lava. Kamapua’a was forced to live on the other side, where it was wet and lush. The two were forever separated.In the modern-day urban legend, attempting to carry pork over the Pali Highway, which connects Windward Oahu to Honolulu, will anger Pele and cause your vehicle to break down until you discard the pork. In other versions of the story, an old woman or a white dog will appear, and you must offer the pork to them. The idea is that carrying pork from one side of the island to the other is symbolic of carrying part of Kamapua’a into Pele’s domain.

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