Spooky Lighthouses Around the Globe

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Battle Abbey

In 1066, the Battle of Hastings occurred with King Harold II and 7,500 of his Saxons protecting against the attacking Norman victory of William, Duke of Normandy. William crushed Harold, and a nunnery was based on Senlac Hill with the high special raised area said to have been set on the very spot where King Harold died.

photo via wikipedia
Battle Abbey – Gate House

Obviously constructing a convent on the site of that much slaughter was a terrible thought, taking into account that throughout the years there have been various unusual reports.Apparently, the greater part of the sightings are of spooky priests instead of troopers, with guests professing to have seen re-enactors wearing robes meandering the grounds just to be later educated that there were no re-enactors utilized at the time.

There are some different cases, for example, the high special raised area draining and an officer walking through the Great Hall conveying a sword, yet those stories are significantly less substantiated.

Cold Harbor Battlefield

The Battle of Cold Harbor occurred from May 31 to June 12, 1864 amid the American Civil War, and is viewed as one of the bloodiest fights in United States history. Association general Ulysses Grant drove his men against Confederate general Robert E. Lee in what might transform into a bloodbath, with the Confederates crushing Grant’s troops through the course of the two weeks of battling.

Battle of Cold Harbor.png
photo via wikipedia
Battle of Cold Harbor by Kurz and Allison, 1888

It was one of the last fights for Grant, and one that he would call one of his biggest regrets.The Cold Harbor combat zone is additionally accepted to be a standout amongst the most spooky military destinations in America, with local people purportedly hearing hints of the fight to the point where gun discharge, weapon shoot, and the hints of shouting men are now and then announced in the nearby paper.

Travelers guarantee to even now smell black powder when they visit the authentic milestone, and both the Cold Harbor National Cemetery and the Garthright House, situated over the road, are said to be spooky by the soul of a young lady.


In the event that Antietam was the bloodiest single fight in the American Civil War, Gettysburg is the most celebrated and, through the span of a few days, ended up one of its bloodiest with in excess of 50,000 men killed, injured, or missing. Battled from July 1 through July 3, 1863 in the community in southeastern Pennsylvania, the Battle of Gettysburg is seen as the defining moment for the Union in the Civil War.

Thure de Thulstrup - L. Prang and Co. - Battle of Gettysburg - Restoration by Adam Cuerden (cropped).jpg
photo via wikipedia
Pickett’s Charge as depicted by Thulstrup in The Battle of Gettysburg

And in the a long time since the fight was battled, you’d be unable to discover any individual who visited to Gettysburg who does not have some creepy story to share. At the Daniel Lady Farm, which filled in as the Confederate field medical clinic, it is trusted that in excess of 10,000 expired officers still frequent the grounds.

Cashtown Inn, where the principal officer in the Battle of Gettysburg was slaughtered, likewise has some odd stories, and the proprietors guarantee to have photographic proof of spirits on the premises, just as visitors revealing hearing thumping on entryways, lights turning on and off, and entryways bolting and opening themselves. Those are just a little examining of the supposed spooky sightings, which have additionally been accounted for at the Gettysburg Hotel and the Baladerry Inn, just as on the front lines themselves.

Fort William Henry

On the off chance that you have ever perused The Last of the Mohicans, or if nothing else watched one of the film forms, you know about Fort William Henry. Situated on Lake George in upstate New York, it was a fortification utilized in the French and Indian War.

photo via wikipedia
Location of Fort William Henry at the southern end of Lake George

Obviously there is an opportunity you may have gotten comfortable with the fortress through another methods: a scene of the network show Ghost Hunters, since gossip has it that Fort William Henry is a standout amongst the most spooky military destinations in America.There are phantom visits offered at Fort William Henry, with reports throughout the long stretches of lights turning on and off just as the hints of unexplained strides, just as wind tolls sounding in spite of the nonattendance of any genuine breeze.

The fortress was home to a slaughter amid the clash among Indians and British warriors, with some trusting that the spirits from the two sides of the contention still meander the grounds.

Marston Moor

The Battle of Marston Moor was battled on July 2, 1644 amid the First English Civil War. 4,000 individuals from the Royalist side were slaughtered in what was a conclusive triumph for the Parliamentarians, with Oliver Cromwell driving the victors.

Battle of Marston Moor, 1644.png
photo via wikipedia
The Battle of Marston Moor, by J. Barker

Cromwell utilized the Old Hall in the town was utilized as a base of tasks by Cromwell, and as indicated by legend, he’s there right up ’til today, frequenting the grounds.Oh, and that is not notwithstanding referencing the way that, obviously, the spirits of the Royalists who were killed in fight still meander the territory.

There have been reports throughout the long periods of ghost warriors walking in Marston Moor, incorporating conceivable sightings in 1932, 1968, and 1992, when individuals supposedly watched since a long time ago haired, finely dressed fighters walking along the streets.


The American Civil War was an extraordinarily wicked issue, to say it gently. In any case, no place was this more obvious than at the Battle of Antietam, which occurred on September 17, 1862 on Antietam Creek in Maryland. The fight kept going four hours in this minor territory, and the losses were amazing. In that one little range of time, in excess of 23,000 men were killed, injured, or lost without a trace.

Battle of Antietam.png
photo via wikipedia
The Battle of Antietam, by Kurz & Allison (1878), depicting the scene of action at Burnside’s Bridge

Today, the little street close Antietam Creek where the fight occurred is known as Bloody Lane, for good reason.Today, the sound of gunfire and smell of explosive is regularly detailed at Bloody Lane, and guests have professed to have both seen and heard spirits in the zone.

Essentially everything encompassing the Battle of Antietam has had reports of frequenting, from Burnside’s Bridge, where Ambrose Burnside’s Union fighters pushed back the Confederates and where the dead were immediately covered in shallow, plain graves, to the adjacent St. Paul Episcopal Church, which was utilized as a Confederate medical clinic in the consequence of the fight. As indicated by the nearby legends, the sections of flooring of the congregation are so recolored in blood that not by any means sandpaper will take it out.

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