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Subba Sastry and Sugar: Tenali Raman Story

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Once, there carried on a man who was extremely rich however was a penny pincher. He had a lot of cash yet he didn’t care to spend it on anybody. One day, he was exceptionally dismal on the grounds that ants had entered his bowl of sugar. Along these lines, he considered drying the sugar in the sun to drive the ants out. He set the sugar in a load on a huge bit of paper and kept it out in the sun. In any case, he was concerned that his companion, Subba Sastry may come and eat the sugar so he sat and kept watch alongside it.

Subba Sastry, who was exceptionally partial to desserts in any frame, and had seen the rich man keep the sugar out in the sun.

He called his child and stated, “I am heading off to the rich man’s patio to converse with him. Following five minutes, come racing to me, yelling ‘Our dairy animals is dead.'”

In the wake of giving his child these directions, Subba Sastry went to the rich man’s patio and began conversing with him. Subba Sastry asked the rich man for what good reason he was looking so annoyed. The rich man answered that he had been having a lot of misfortunes. At that point Subba Sastry asked him what he was drying and the rich man answered by saying that water had fallen into some mud in his garden so he was drying it.

Simply then, Subba Sastry’s child came hurrying to the patio yelling, “Our dairy animals is dead! Our cow is dead!”

Subba Sastry professed to lament, and just like the uniquely, got one modest bunch of the mud that was really sugar and place it into his mouth. He grabbed another modest bunch and place it in his child’s mouth. The rich man was stunned to see this.

He began yelling, “This is not mud! Try not to eat it. This is sugar.” Subba Sastry answered, “No, you disclosed to me this is mud. It suggests a flavor like mud, as well.” He continued eating till all the sugar was over. The tightfisted rich man was left pitiful and lamenting over the loss of his sugar.

Moral: If you lie, it can reverse discharge on you.

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