Syeraa Narasimha Reddy: Movie Review

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Directed by – Surender Reddy

Produced by –
Ram Charan

Starring –
Chiranjeevi, Kiccha Sudeep, Amitabh Bachchan, Jagapati Babu, Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara, Tamannaah, Niharika Konidela, Ravi Kishan, Anushka Shetty

Syeraa Narasimha Reddy is the narrative of India’s first section of opportunity battle. It is 1857. The troopers of Rani Lakshmibai (Anushka Shetty) are pondering whether a bunch of them will have the option to battle the colossal British armed force. So as to inspire them, the Queen portrays the tale of the fearless Narasimha Reddy (Chiranjeevi) who rebelled against the British 10 years before the 1857 revolt. The story at that point goes in flashback mode. Narasimha Reddy is a leader of a piece of the domain in South India called Rayalaseema.

He is a piece of a polygar which comprises of a few different rulers like Avuku Raju (Sudeep), Basi Reddy (Ravi Kishan) and so forth. Every one of these rulers get benefits from the British and are relied upon to be accommodating to the Crown. Narasimha Reddy anyway is in conflict with this course of action and is finding an exit plan to liberate his kingdom from the grasp of the British. The district faces dry season and to mollify the downpour divine beings, Narasimha Reddy’s scholarly guide Guru Gosayi Venkanna (Amitabh Bachchan) requests a yagna to be directed.

Narasimha is stunned as he discovers that the last time a comparable yagna occurred was in his adolescence and that time, he was offered to Siddhamma (Nayanthara). Yet, the wedded couple was kept separated as there was a ‘dosh’ in their association and they could rejoin simply after another yagna. Narasimha Reddy is crushed from the start as he adores Lakshmi (Tamannaah Bhatia). With overwhelming sadness, Narasimha Reddy leaves Lakshmi and encourages her to utilize her moving ability for more prominent’s benefit. He at that point acknowledges Siddhamma and starts his wedded life. Regardless of the dry season, the British official Jackson (Oscar Skagerberg) requests charge from ranchers.

Syeraa Narasimha Reddy has an extraordinary group cast yet the film has a place with Chiranjeevi. No two questions on that! He possesses the film with his presentation and style. It’s additionally estimable to see him doing activity at this age so well. His fame is flawless and that adds a great deal to his character and to the film on the loose. Sudeep is very great as the puzzling and boss ruler and would be loved by crowds.

Tamannaah Bhatia has a supporting job yet she springs an amazement in the subsequent half. Watch out! Nayanthara gets an exceptionally unfair arrangement and the main scene where she leaves an imprint is the point at which she admits her adoration for Narasimha Reddy. Vijay Sethupathi (Raja Paandi) has a late section yet is engaging. Jagapathi Babu (Veera Reddy) makes an effect in the pre peak. Oscar Skagerberg is amazing as the scoundrel and would be recollected, however he’s there just in the primary half. Ravi Kishan and Mukesh Rishi act well however their voices are named by another person, which makes their exhibition somewhat ungainly. Lakshmi Gopalaswamy (Narasimha Reddy’s mom) is tolerable. In conclusion, Amitabh Bachchan is crushing in the extraordinary appearance while Anushka Shetty as consistently is great.

All in all, Syeraa Narasimha Reddy is an incredible enthusiastic adventure and a visual display that leaves a gigantic imprint because of its plot, Chiranjeevi’s exhibition and massy execution. In the cinematic world, it can possibly succeed.

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