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Tenali Raman in the Delhi Durbar

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source youtube
source youtube


At the point when Krishna Deva Raya used to control in Vijaynagar, Babur ruled Delhi. Babur needed to meet Tenali Raman asa he had heard an incredible arrangement about Tenali’s speedy mind.

Babur’s courier touched base in Krishna Deva Raya’s court one day. He said, “Welcome, King Krishna Deva Raya. Ruler Babur wishes Tenali Raman would visit Delhi.”

Krishna Deva Raya answered, “So be it.”

Tenali Raman achieved Delhi and settled in the guesthouse.

In the interim, Babur talked with his retainers in court. He had an arrangement. “Nobody will snicker at Tenali Raman’s jokes tomorrow! I need to perceive how he will make us chuckle then.”

The subjects chorused, “Yes, Your Majesty.”

The following day, Tenali Raman touched base in the court.

Tenali Raman began to describe one of his jokes. “Once there was a … ”

The squires cut him off by yawning plentifully.

On the sixteenth day, Tenali Raman quit setting off to the court.

Tenali Raman pondered internally, “Let me take after Babur to see where he goes ordinary.” He wore such garments that nobody wold have the capacity to see his face.

Babur and his clergyman would stroll by the Yamuna each morning.

Babur said, while giving gold coins to poor people, “There you go! Make great utilization of them.”

Tenali Raman thought about an arrangement.

The following day, Tenali Raman masked himself as an old man. He additionally had a spade and mango sapling.

Tenali Raman thought, “Let me sit tight for the ruler here.”

Seeing the lord approach,, Tenali started planting the sapling.

Babar said, “You’re old, you won’t be alive when this tree proves to be fruitful. Why are you planting it?”

Tenali Raman said, “Your Majesty, I tasted the products of trees my ancestors planted. So also, my grandchildren will appreciate the product of this tree.”

Babar shouted, “That is a respectable thought!”

Needing to remunerate the old man, Babar took a sack and said, “Here, take this pack of gold coins.”

Tenali Raman answered, “Thank you, Your Majesty. You have given me the product of planting this sapling before it has developed.”

Babar, satisfied with this answer as well, said, “Well done, once more. Take this second pack of gold coins.”

Tenali Raman said, “A tree gives organic product once per year, however I am getting the my reward for all the hard work twice, Your Majesty!”

Babar again welcomed this astute answer. He said, “Bravo! This third pack of gold coins is likewise yours.”

source youtube
source youtube

Babur’s clergyman whispered to him, “Your Majesty, in light of present conditions you will give all your riches to him. How about we go.”

Babar, giggling, concurred.

Tenali Raman removed his fake whiskers and shouted to them as they were going, “Your Majesty, please take a gander at me.”

Babar was surprised at Tenali Raman’s insight. He said, “Tenali Raman, you are really an extraordinary mind! Returned to court for more rewards.”

Tenali Raman retreated to Babar’s court and entertained him for a long time. At long last, he returned home.

Krishna Deva Raya said, “You have conveyed greatness to the kingdom, Tenali!”

Tenali Raman flashed back, “Your Majesty, then I merit a prize from you as well!”

Krishna Deva Raya said, chuckling, “Yes, undoubtedly. Here are 10,000 gold coins.”

Tenali Raman answered, “Thank you, Your Majesty!

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