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The Arab Horse Trader – Tenali Raman Story

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Once, an Arab horse merchant came to Krishan Deva Raya’s court.

He stated, “Your Majesty, see this Arab steed! It is my finest. On the off chance that you like, I can get more.”

Krishna Deva Raya answered insightfully, “This is the main breed missing from my stable.”

The ruler saw the excellent stallions remaining outside his castle.

Krishna Deva Raya said hastily, “I will get them all!”

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The broker answered, “I require a progress of 5000 gold coins. I’ll acquire them two days.”

Two weeks passed.

Krishna Deva Raya pondered internally while strolling in his garden, “Where is the merchant?” He saw Tenali Raman staying there, composing on a bit of paper.

Krishna Deva Raya asked, “What are you composing, Tenali Raman?”

Tenali Raman answered, “I’m posting the greatest tricks in the land.”

Inquisitive, Krishna Deva Raya stated, “Let me observe.” Tenali Raman gave him the paper.

Krishna Deva Raya was shocked furious. “By what means can my name be at the highest priority on this rundown? I’m the lord!”

Tenali Raman answered, “Whoever gives an outsider 5000 gold coins and imagines that he will return is a trick, Your Majesty.”

Krishna Deva Raya asked, “Imagine a scenario in which he returns.

Tenali Raman answered in a moment, “At that point I will put his name at the highest priority on the rundown rather than yours!”

Krishna Deva Raya stated, “I comprehend what you’re stating, Tenali. I will dependably counsel you now on critical issues.”

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