The Big Bull: Movie Review

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Directed by – Kookie Gulati

Produced by – Ajay Devgn, Anand Pandit, Vikrant Sharma, Kumar Mangat Pathak

Written by – Story: Kookie Gulati, Arjun Dhawan

Dialogues: –Ritesh Shah

Screenplay by – Kookie Gulati, Arjun Dhawan

Based on – Harshad Mehta

Starring – Abhishek Bachchan, Ileana D’Cruz, Sohum Shah, Nikita Dutta, Saurabh Shukla, Samir Soni, Mahesh Manjrekar, Ram Kapoor

The Big Bull is that the story of a standard man’s journey from rags to material resource. The year is 1987. Hemant Shah (Abhishek Bachchan), a resident of Mumbai, is functioning at Bal Kala Kendra on a modest regular payment. he’s soft on with Priya (Nikita Dutta), his neighbour however since he’s not financially secure, he’s apprehensive regarding asking her father for her hand in wedding. One day, a parent of 1 of the youngsters, World Health Organization involves follow at Bal Kala Kendra, tells Hemant that when merchandising stocks of Mumbai Textile, he’s able to earn a pleasant cabbage. This makes Hemant inquisitive about the globe of stocks. Meanwhile, his brother Viren Shah (Sohum Shah) loses an outsized quantity of cash in stocks. Viren is in debt and Hemant decides to take a position in Mumbai Textile’s shares. however he will his schoolwork before doing thus. this allows Hemant to not simply create Viren debt-free however conjointly earn a neat very little profit.

In no time, Hemant enters the globe of stocks and starts operating for a dealer named Kantilal (Hitesh Rawal). Hemant aspires to own a mercantilism account however as per the foundations, he has to pay Rs. ten lakhs for it. so as to earn the aforesaid quantity, Hemant joins hands with union leader genus Rana Sawant (Mahesh Manjrekar) of Premier machine. His trading activity before long helps him earn Rs. 10 lakhs. Hemant starts to currently manipulate stocks and even gets banks on board to take advantage of the loopholes within the system. All this takes the sensex to dizzying heights. Thus, he becomes a hero of kinds among stock brokers. Since his status improves, he marries Priya. whereas most are hailing Hemant Shah, Meera Rao (Ileana DCruz), the finance journalist at Bharat Times newspaper, is least affected. She’s assured that Hemant is lawlessly creating cash at the stock market. She writes crucial articles regarding him. And in the future, she stumbles upon stunning proof regarding Hemant’s villainous activities. What happens next forms the remainder of the film.

The Big Bull has a median gap. The entry scene of Abhishek Bachchan ought to are powerful however instead, it’s bland. The film fortunately gets higher with the scene wherever Hemant walks with Priya at midnight and also the former finds out regarding Viren’s debt. whereas the increase of Hemant is represented showing neatness and quickly, what stand out area unit the scenes that come back simply before the tip of the primary hour. The song ‘Ishq Namazaa’ is incredibly well shot and keeps the interest going. Hemant’s expertise at the party in metropolis is intriguing. The scene of the taxation Department’s raid and also the interview scene of Hemant and Meera run parallel and is that the better part regarding the primary hour. within the half, things restore as Meera tries to uncover the reality supported the leads that she gets. this is often conjointly the time once Hemant gets on shaky ground and tries to his best to induce out of the mess. The last half-hour is once the film extremely gets higher. The conference scene is treated dramatically and is certain to arrest attention. The twist within the climax is sudden.

Abhishek Bachchan provides a commendable performance and he conjointly underplays at many places. he’s essaying the a part of a flamboyant, self-absorbed man however he understands that it doesn’t mean he must go overboard. apparently, the actor had done an identical role within the past, in GURU [2007], and also the actor ensures that one isn’t reminded of that performance after they see the massive BULL. However, the transient shots of him riant manically appear accidentally funny and will are done away with, ideally. Ileana DCruz hardly gets any scope within the half however shines within the half. However, she appearance terribly unconvincing as associate married woman within the current track. Nikita Dutta is gorgeous and leaves a large mark. Sohum Shah is, of course, dependable and maintains a robust position from begin to end. Mahesh Manjrekar and Samir Soni area unit good in their special appearances. Supriya Pathak Shah (Amiben; Hemant and Viren’s mother) is convincing. Saurabh Shukla (Manu Malpani) gets his act right. Ram Kapoor (Ashok Mirchandani) has restricted screen time however he rocks the show.

On the full, the massive BULL gets affected because of the comparisons with SCAM 1992. Yet, it stands out at many places and works because of the performances, the dramatic moments and also the sudden finale.

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