The Blind Vulture

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Some time ago, there was a slope that inclined down to the banks of a stream. At the base of the slope, there was a tree which made the sanctuary for some flying creatures. One day, a visually impaired old Vulture came to live in the empty of the tree. The flying creatures respected the visually impaired vulture and chose to issue him an offer of their sustenance since he was old.

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source youtube

At the point when the Blind Vulture saw winged creatures’ sympathy toward him, he was overpowered with appreciation. He pondered internally, “As these winged creatures are in effect so kind to me, it has turned into my obligation to secure their young ones when they are away assembling sustenance”. After this, the Vulture used to receive his sustenance from the flying creatures and consequently, he dealt with their young ones while they were away. So like this, every one of them were passing their days joyfully.

One day, a feline went by that tree when the winged creatures were away. Listening to the commotion of the youthful ones, she drew close to the tree with the trust of getting and eating the child winged animals. However, when the youthful ones saw her nearing, they made a chirrup. The visually impaired Vulture heard them and yelled, “Who is there?” On seeing the Vulture, the Cat got alarmed and said to herself, “O God! I am tantamount to dead. At the same time, I have to be overcome. I ought to attempt to pick up his certainty”.

Without a moment’s delay, the Cat answered, “O shrewd one! I just came to pay my respect to you”. The Vulture asked, “Who are you?” The Cat replied, “I am a Cat”. The Vulture yelled, “Go away else I’ll gobble you up”. The Cat was cunning and she made speedy reactions to the Vulture. She guiltlessly said to the Vulture, “Sir, Listen to me first then you can choose further. It is bad that you are disposing of me as I have a place with a specific race”.

The Vulture chose to hear her out. The Cat said, “I live on the opposite side of the waterway. I don’t eat meat and wash up regular in the stream. I am doing extraordinary atonement for my transgressions. I have heard much about your insight from the fowls on the banks of the stream. They let me know that I ought to take in all the more about religion from you as you have all information. Along these lines, I came here to turn into your devotee and look for your favors”.

She further said, “However, I don’t feel what the fowls let me know is genuine, when you got prepared to execute a poor feline. You ought to have treated me well, after all visitors are type of God. Regardless of the possibility that you don’t have any sustenance to offer me, at any rate you could say something kind to me”. The Old Vulture answered, “By what means would I be able to trust you since you are savage and youthful winged animals live here”. The Clever Cat was knowledgeable in fits of rage.

She touched the ground and her ears as an indication of her genuineness and answered, “I’ve perused all scriptures and came to realize that murdering is corrupt. The whole woods is brimming with herbs and vegetables. So why if I confer sin by executing flying creatures?” The Vulture trusted her and permitted her to stay with him in the empty of the tree. With the passing days, the Cat began eating the youthful flying creatures one by one without the learning of the Vulture.

At the point when the fowls found that their young ones were missing, they began searching for their children. When the Cat understood that circumstance is not to support her, she discreetly disappeared. Obscure about the occurrence, the visually impaired Vulture set down close to the empty of the tree where the Cat had tossed the bones of a percentage of the feathered creatures eaten by her. At the point when the Birds saw the bones of their young ones, on the double they yelled, “The visually impaired Vulture has eaten our honest children”.

Every one of them got infuriated by the lack of appreciation of the Vulture and they pecked him to death. The poor Vulture didn’t even find the opportunity to safeguard himself.

Moral: Never treat somebody whom you barely know as a companion.

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