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The Careless Farmer

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photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

The downpour divine beings had been grinning the entire night. The streets were sloppy and the potholes were filled to the overflow.

It was the day for the business sector and Raju the rancher was riding his truck along the nation street. He needed to achieve the business sector early with the goal that he can offer his feed. It was extremely troublesome for the stallions to drag the heap through the profound mud. On his adventure abruptly the wheels of the steed truck sank into the sludge.

The more the stallions pulled, the more profound the wheel sank. Raju moved down from his seat and remained next to his truck. He looked all around yet couldn’t discover anybody around to help him.

Reviling his misfortune, he looked crestfallen and vanquished. He didn’t attempt to get down on the haggle it up independent from anyone else. Rather he began reviling his fortunes for what happened. Gazing toward the sky, he began yelling at God, “I am so unfortunate! Why has this transpired? Goodness God, come down to help me.”

After a long hold up, God at last showed up before Raju. He asked Raju, “Do you think you can move the chariot by just taking a gander at it and crying about it? No one will help you unless you try to help yourself. Did you attempt to get the wheel out of the pothole independent from anyone else? Get up and put your shoulder to haggle will soon discover the exit plan.”

Raju was embarrassed about himself. He bowed down and put his shoulder to the haggle on the stallions.

In a matter of seconds the wheel was out of the sludge. Raju learnt his lesson. He said thanks to God and carried on his voyage joyfully.


Lesson of the story : “God helps the individuals who help themselves.”

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