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The Crows and the Serpent

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source youtube
source youtube

When, quite a while back, a couple of crows used to live on a gigantic banyan tree that remained on the edges of a town. The crows were living there cheerfully and gently until one day a snake arrived and made his home in a gap at the base of the banyan tree. The crows were not glad about this, as they felt debilitated with a snake living in the same tree. In any case, nothing they could do about it.

A couple of days after the fact, the female crow brought forth a few eggs and child crows were conceived. Be that as it may, one day, when both the crows had gone out to get nourishment, the snake crawled up the tree and ate all the new-conceived infant crows. At the point when the crows returned to their home, they discovered their children gone. They sought all over yet couldn’t discover them. They were profoundly lamented at the loss of their children.
Time passed and at the appropriate time course, the female crows laid more eggs and when they incubated, more infants were conceived. This time, just the male crow went out looking for sustenance and the female crow chose to stay back and watch out for the children. Be that as it may, the snake was greedy to the point that he couldn’t have cared less that the female crow was in the home. He realized that he was more grounded than her. So he crawled up the tree and assaulted the child crows. The female crow attempted her best to battle off the snake. She battled against him to spare her children in any case, most likely, she was not as solid as the snake. A couple of different crows additionally acted the hero yet at that point, the snake had effectively eaten up the child crows and crawled back inside his gap.

This continued occurrence. Each time the crows’ eggs brought forth, the snake would go up and eat the youthful ones. The crows were significantly bothered. They needed to dispose of the snake and raise their children with no danger. They additionally considered leaving that tree and going to live on some other tree yet since the tree had been their home for quite a while, they couldn’t stand to abandon it.

At long last, the crows chose to counsel a shrewd fox who was their companion. They went to the fox and disclosed the entire matter to her. The fox contemplated it for quite a while and after that let them know their arrangement. She said, “This business must be put to an end. I have an arrangement of murdering the snake. Hear me out painstakingly and do generally as I say. There is a stream not extremely distant from your tree where the women of the regal family clean up each morning. They leave every one of their trimmings on a plate which is continued the shore and their gatekeepers keep a watch on these decorations from a separation.

Tomorrow morning, you ought to go to this stream bank and get a jewelry in your bill. Verify that you make a ton of commotion so that the gatekeepers can see you. At that point take off with the jewelry as the watchmen pursue you and drop it into the snake’s opening. At the point when the watchmen achieve this spot, they will attempt to recover the accessory from the opening. Also, when they see the snake there, they will murder him because of a paranoid fear of being nibbled. I am truly sure that on the off chance that you play your parts legitimately, this arrangement will succeed.”

source youtube
source youtube

In this way, the following morning, the crows set themselves up to take after the arrangement chalked out by the shrewd fox. They traveled to the waterway bank and saw the spot where the decorations were laid out. At that point, the female crow grabbed an accessory in her nose and took off while the male crow made an uproarious sound to draw in the watches’ consideration. Of course, the watchmen began pursuing the crows waving their sticks at them. Before long, they came to the banyan tree. The female crow immediately dropped the neckband in the snake’s opening and both the crows took off.

The gatekeepers saw the jewelry being dropped in the gap and went to get it back. While they were attempting to recover the accessory from the gap with the assistance of a stick, the snake exited the opening. He saw the gatekeepers and murmured at them. The watchmen were anxious about the possibility that that the snake would chomp them so they quickly executed him with their sticks. At that point, they took the neckband and about-faced to the royal residence.

The crows were observing this from a separation. They were both cheerful and soothed. They said thanks to the fox for her sharp arrangement and came back to their tree. From that point, they lived gently in their home where they brought up their youngsters with no dangers.

The smart arrangement of the savvy fox helped the crows to execute a much more grounded adversary. That is the reason it is said that insight is more noteworthy than quality.

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