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The Devoted Mother

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source youtube

A mother duck and her little ducklings were headed to a lake one day. The ducklings were extremely content after their mom and quack-quacking along the way.

Unexpectedly the mother duck saw a fox at a separation. She was terrified and yelled, “Kids, rush to the lake. There’s a fox!”
The ducklings rushed towards the lake. The mother duck pondered what to do. She started to stroll forward and backward dragging one wing on the ground.

At the point when the fox saw her he got to be glad. He said to himself, “It appears that she’s hurt and can’t fly! I can without much of a stretch catch and eat her!” Then he ran towards her.

The mother duck ran, driving the fox far from the lake. The fox tailed her. Presently he wouldn’t have the capacity to damage her ducklings. The mother duck looked towards her ducklings and saw that they had come to the lake. She was eased, so she ceased and took a full breath.

The fox thought she was tired and he came closer, however the mother duck rapidly spread her wings and rose open to question. She arrived amidst the lake and her ducklings swam to her.

The fox gazed in dismay at the mother duck and her ducklings. He couldn’t achieve them in light of the fact that they were amidst the lake.

Dear youngsters, a few fledglings drag one of their wings on the ground when a foe is going to assault. Thusly they trick their adversaries into supposing they are harmed. At the point when the adversary tails them this gives their youngsters time to get away.

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