The Diamonds and The Brahmin

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Sometime in the distant past, there carried on a Brahmin in a town. As a general rule, he was a conman. He performed religious ceremonies amid the day time and burglarized clueless explorers amid the night. He used to swindle individuals in different ways and take cash from them. In this way, by participating in a wide range of criminal exercises, he had aggregated much riches.

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At some point, a couple of traders went to the Brahmin’s town from some other town. They sold every one of their effects and obtained six huge size precious stones from a nearby diamond setter. The explorers realized that there was a danger of them getting burglarized on their way back, so with the end goal to spare the jewels, they gobbled them up.

The Brahmin saw the dealers gulping the jewels and wanted to take them. He went to meet the traders and progressed toward becoming companions with them. The dealers thought of him as a basic and honest Brahmin, and he before long won their certainty.

At the point when the vendors left for town, the Brahmin likewise offered to go with them. There was a thick timberland on their way where numerous savage tribals lived. These savages used to eat human fragile living creature and could comprehend the dialect of flying creatures and creatures.

Abruptly, the traders and the Brahmin heard the cawing of the crows surrounding them. The Brahmin did not take long to comprehend that these were the prepared crows of the tribals and they were educating them about the nearness of precious stones with the dealers. Inside no time, the tribals left covering up and encompassed them with sticks and lances. They searched the shippers altogether yet couldn’t discover anything. Be that as it may, the tribals confided in the data of the crows indiscriminately and were persuaded of the nearness of riches with the vendors, so they chose to murder every last one of them.

The Brahmin realized that his destiny was fixed and he will undoubtedly be slaughtered by the tribals. Along these lines, he thought of presenting appropriate reparations in light of his exploitative lifestyle and accomplishing something to spare the lives of the dealers. He suspected that possibly giving up his life for a respectable aim would procure him a place in the paradise.

The Brahmin in this way, said to the boss, “You slaughter me first. On the off chance that you discover the jewel in my body, slaughter every one of the shippers also. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you don’t discover anything in my body, it would be ideal if you save their lives. The boss consented to this and slaughtered the Brahmin. He cut his stomach, however couldn’t discover any precious stone. In this way, according to his guarantee, he enabled the various shippers to go home.

The man-eaters came back to their town, pondering whether the crows had started telling falsehoods, or had they neglected to translate their dialect accurately.

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