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The Drummer

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In a residential area named Sonagarh their was a drummer named Ramu and his child Sonak. They were great at playing drums thus they chose to go to a close-by town to play their drums at a celebration. Individuals were exceptionally awed with their ability and toward the celebration’s end individuals offered them cash, gems and garments.

Both the father and child gathered their sacks alongside their prizes and chose to return home. On their way home they crossed a wilderness and since it was far home they chose to enjoy a reprieve. Sonak was excited to the point that he told his dad that he truly appreciated the celebration. ” Yes, did you perceive how much those individuals making the most of our drums. You gave a decent execution, child”, said Ramu.

The following minute Sonak began pounding the drum. ” I feel large and in charge today, father!, he said energetically. Seeing him do this Ramu got terrified and cautioned him,”Sonak, quit playing the drums! You will pull in Robbers! This timberland is loaded with them!”

The child comforted his dad saying that he would play a military beat (war like beat) to scare them off. However, Ramu knew this is awful thus he began amassing all their stuff yet it was past the point of no return, a percentage of the cheats stowing away in the wilderness heard their uproarious drumming. They felt that an illustrious gathering is chasing in the woods. Ramu continued cautioning his child and instructed him to quit playing the drum. However, the kid payed no regard for his notice and kept on playing the drum.

“Stop! Why not hear me out?”, reproved Ramu. “Goodness, father, you stress excessively! I’ll alarm the cheats before they come!”, he countered. The criminals soon understood that it was no regal gathering. It is just some person who has profited and is feeling glad!

They chose to assault them. The criminals immediately spotted Ramu drummer and his child. They understood that they surely have expansive total of cash in those colossal sacks. Cheats encompassed them and Sonak didn’t even get an opportunity to play his military beat. “I instructed you to stop, didn’t I?” yelled Ramu.

The pioneer yelled, “You have no real way to get away, so give us your cash and we will save your life”.The cheats assaulted the drummer and his child and kept running off with the p*er. “In any case, you wouldn’t tune in. In your pride, you absurdly welcomed your own fate by playing at the wrong time !” said Ramu. His child now understood his slip-up yet it was past the point of no return as they lost all their well deserved cash.


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