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The Elephant and the Dog

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source youtube

This is another fascinating story/ story from the Jataka gathering. Some time ago, there was an imperial elephant that used to dwell in the premises of the lord’s castle. The elephant was of high repute to the ruler, so he was minded, very much nourished and all around treated. There was a Dog who used to live in the area of the Elephant shed. He was exceptionally frail and thin. He was constantly interested by the odor of the rich sweet rice being nourished to the regal elephant.

One day, the Dog couldn’t avoid the smell of the rice and by one means or another, he sneaked into the Elephant’s shed. He ate the sweet rice that tumbled from the Elephant’s mouth. He preferred the rice so much, that he began nearing every day to eat the rice. For a considerable length of time, the colossal Elephant didn’t perceive the little canine as he was occupied in appreciating the delightful nourishment. Slowly, the Dog got to be greater and stronger by eating such rich sustenance. He went under the notification of the Elephant.

The Elephant used to appreciate the organization of the Dog and began imparting his sustenance to him. Them two additionally began imparting time to one another and soon, they made great companions. They ate together, dozed together and played together. While playing, the Elephant would hold the Dog in his trunk and swing him forward and backward. It didn’t take long, when neither of them was cheerful without the other. They got to be awesome companions and would not like to get differentiated from one another.

At that point one day, a man saw the Dog and asked the Elephant-attendant, “I need to purchase this Dog. What cost do you look for the Dog?” The Elephant-manager didn’t possess the Dog still he sold the Dog and extricated an entirety of cash out of this arrangement. The man took the Dog to his home town, which was far away. The King’s Elephant got to be extremely pitiful after this episode. He missed his companion a ton and began ignoring everything. He would not like to do anything without his dear companion, so quit eating, drinking and notwithstanding washing.

Eventually, the Elephant-manager reported this to the King; nonetheless he didn’t educate anything regarding the Dog. The King had a shrewd pastor, who was known for his comprehension of creatures. Without a moment’s delay, the King asked the clergyman, “Go to the Elephant shed and discover the explanation behind the Elephant’s condition”. The canny priest went to the Elephant shed and discovered the Elephant extremely miserable. He looked the Elephant all over and asked the Elephant-guardian, “There is nothing off with this current Elephant’s body, then why does he look so dismal? I think this Elephant is melancholy stricken, potentially because of the departure of a dear companion. Do you know whether this Elephant imparted a nearby kinship to anybody?”

The Elephant-attendant said, “There was a Dog who used to eat, rest and play with the Elephant. He has been taken by a more peculiar three days back”. The Minister asked, “Where is the Dog?” and he replied,”I don’t have the foggiest idea”. The pastor did a reversal to the King and said, “Your superbness, according to my conclusion, the regal Elephant is not wiped out, but rather he is bereft without his dear companion, the Dog”. The King said, “You’re correct, companionship is a standout amongst the most eminent things of life. Do you know where that Dog is?”

The Minister answered, “Elephant-attendant has educated that an outsider took him away and he didn’t think about his whereabouts”. The King asked, “By what method would we be able to bring back my Elephant’s companion and make him upbeat once more?” The Minister proposed, “Your Majesty, make an affirmation, that whoever has the pooch that used to inhabit the illustrious Elephant’s shed will be punished”. The King did likewise and the man who took the pooch, immediately turned him free when he heard the declaration.

At the point when got free, the Dog ran back as quick as he could to achieve the Elephant’s shed. The Elephant was so enchanted to see the Dog that he picked his companion with his trunk and made him sit on his head. The Dog waved his tail, while the Elephant’s eyes shone with bliss. The King was placated to see the content Elephant by and by. He additionally remunerated the clergyman for his savvy judgment. Both, the Elephant and the Dog lived cheerfully from there on.

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