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The Elephant and the Sparrow

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source youtube

This is a pleasant tale from the collection of Panchatantra. Quite a long time ago, there carried on a sparrow with her spouse on a banyan tree. They assembled a home and the sparrow laid her eggs in the home. One evening, a wild elephant went under the tree not able to endure the warmth of the sun. All of a sudden in an attack of wrath, the elephant broke a branch of the tree on which the home was fabricated. Tragically, all the eggs of the sparrow got smashed however the folks were spared. The she-sparrow was brimming with misery and started sobbing for her eggs.
A woodpecker, a nearby companion of the sparrow, heard her crying and moved by her sorrow asked her, “Why are you crying, old buddy?” The she-sparrow said, “The devilish elephant has obliterated my posterity. On the off chance that you are a genuine companion of mine propose an approach to slaughter him”. The woodpecker comforted her and advised her that he knew a fly and she would without a doubt help them, to execute the elephant.

Them two together went to look for the assistance of the fly. On meeting the fly, the woodpecker said, “This is my dearest companion. A wild elephant has squashed her eggs. You need to figure out how to murder that elephant. We require your help.” The fly answered, “One of my companions is a frog. Release us to him and take his assistance as well”. The she-sparrow, the woodpecker and the fly went to the frog and portrayed the entire episode.

The frog said, “What can an elephant do before a united group like us? Do what I let you know. Dear Fly, you go to the elephant when the sun is high in the sky and murmur a sweet tune into his ears. When he shuts his eyes in pleasure, the woodpecker will scoop his eyes out. Like this, he will get to be dazzle. When he will get parched, he will search for water. I will go to a damp land and start croaking there. Feeling that there is water, the elephant will come there. He will sink into the boggy region and bite the dust.”

The following day in the twelve, all the three played out the arrangement and the elephant was killed, when he suffocated into a muddy region in the wake of being blinded by the woodpecker, when he shut his eyes in light of the music. Along these lines, with the brilliance of all the three creatures, the sparrow took her retribution on the elephant.

Moral: Wit is better than savage power.

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