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The Exact Portrait – Akbar Birbal Story

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source youtube

One day Birbal saw the court’s craftsman very stressed. Birbal by and by knew the craftsman. He was a modest honorable man. Birbal enquired with the craftsman. “You are looking miserable. What’s the cause?”

The craftsman said, “Sir, I’m truly stressed. One major specialist is subsequent to demolishing my notoriety, which I have earned till now.” “What has happened?” enquired Birbal.

“Huzoor, one day I met the representative in some gathering. There he was testing that no craftsman could depict him splendidly. Listening to this, I acknowledged his test and repaired the time with him for drawing his representation. A couple days last when I completed the representation, I went to the rich man’s home and demonstrated the picture to him. Be that as it may, seeing the representation, he shouted – You have depicted me in whiskers! I attempted to persuade him that at the season of representation making, he was having facial hair. Be that as it may, he didn’t hear me out by any stretch of the imagination.”

The craftsman was in tears. Birbal comforted him and enquired facilitate. The craftsman said, “Sir, then I submissively requesting that he give me one more opportunity to demonstrate my deftness. He concurred. Following a couple days I went to his home with another picture, I was calm certain this time. However, when I saw him he was cleaned shaved man. As I dreaded, he yelled – “this can’t be my photo. This photo is demonstrating mustache, though I don’t have it. It I attempted to persuade him that it was not my blame. Nonetheless, he pronounced that I neglected to satisfy my test. I requested one more shot yet he deceived me whenever as well. Simply subsequent to depicting him for five times, I could comprehend that his rationale was abhorrent and needed to disappoint me.

The craftsman then indicated Birbal all the five pictures. Every one of the representations were in fact pleasant ones. Birbal was caring hearted man, he chose to help the craftsman. He informed the craftsman and went with him up to the rich man’s home. Birbal stayed outside the house, though the craftsman entered inside.

When the rich man saw the craftsman, he said mockingly, “O incredible craftsman! You are here once more! It appears, you have come back again with some of your garbage thing.” The craftsman submissively answered, “Sir, I’m certain, what I’ve carried today will without a doubt coordinate with your face.”

Saying as much, he passed on a surrounded piece to him. The rich man grasped it and took a gander at it. Be that as it may, it was only a reflect.

He shouted indignantly, “What a senseless joke it is? You’ve brought only a reflect!” Then entered Birbal, who was remaining outside and was listening to their discussion.

Birbal said, “Would you say you are not content with the reflect which is shoeing your correct picture? I think no one but reflect can delineate your present face. You needn’t bother with a representation however a reflect, old buddy.”

The rich man was particularly embarrassed to see and hear Birbal. He asked his exculpate for his indiscretion and paid the craftsman well.

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